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Outside The Corruption Box

Upside-down flag means 'distress'.
"If you're a politician inside the box of the mega-corrupt status quo, then you know what you're doing there, and it's not representing the people. You know that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is starkly anti-Constitutional and you know that the 16th Amendment -- the seeming justification for the anti-Constitutional personal income tax (an unapportioned direct tax directly violating the Constitution) -- was not ratified in 1913 or anytime since. You know that the personal income tax is the money pump that pays the usury of compound interest attached to money made out of thin air by the Fed's private owners. You participate in the constant financial rape of ordinary Americans for the benefit of the superrich Federal Reserve private owners. ..."


From its beginnings, DD Revival and I have been outside the massively failed status quo, outside the box of superrich and political party corruption machines, outside Michael Parenti's dual political system model of out-front fictions and behind-the-scenes evil realities. This country needs a serious time-out.


Tags for DD Revival --
  • nonpartisan rep-govt/direct-democracy,
  • Declaration of Independence,
  • rights, freedoms, and liberties,
  • populist,
  • non-servile,
  • proactive citizen action groups,
  • aggressive citizen action programs,
  • constitutionalist,
  • constitutional reformist,
  • sovereign citizen lawmaking (fully independent, with constitutional amendment initiative, statute initiative, and statute veto petition processes,
  • online citizen institutions (with pre-referendum voting to amend proposed initiatives),
  • feasance violations (Constitutional amendment to define, and give punishments for malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance of the Constitution by elected office-holders and appointees, includingjudges),
  • criminal prosecution (of politicians and judges who violate the law),
  • clean money restriction (in all elections),
  • nonpartisan elections (in all three branches of govt),
  • political parties banned (in all elections and all govt matters),
  • presidential selection conventions banned (for all political parties),
  • presidential primaries system (area, regional, national)
  • nonpartisan unicameral Congress (with district recall),
  • three senators per state (in the unicameral Congress, protecting small states from large and eliminating gerrymandering corruption),
  • no omnibus bills (in Congress),
  • single-topic bills (in Congress),
  • federal bench nonpartisan elections (with the Court's jurisdiction, with jurisdictional and national citizen recall for any federal judge),
  • no electoral college,
  • direct-vote election of all representatives,
  • DOJ independent agency,
  • Attorney General election (nonpartisan, every four years, with president and vice president, all three vulnerable to national citizen recall),
  • anti-Republican-party,
  • anti-Democratic-party,
  • open government,
  • anti-sophistry,
  • anti-vacuous-argument,
  • anti-Madisonian-scholar,
  • anti-status-quo,
  • anti-establishment,
  • war on terror dissent,
  • Bush Usurpation dissent,
  • electronic voting dissent,
  • personal income tax dissent,
  • monetary system reformist
  • Federal Reserve dissent,
  • debt-based currency dissent,
  • fractional-reserve-lending dissent,
  • let the people decide.

Most status quo system labels -- left, right, liberal, conservative, Democrat, Republican -- cannot describe DD Revival posts. They can, of course, describe my writings on an issue-by-issue basis.

I'm left on abortion, right on the 2nd Amendment, liberal on education, conservative on balancing the national checkbook and on not spending the Social Security trust funds for general fund anything.

Hrrmm, come to think of it, I don't have any positions that can be branded Democratic or Republican -- the labels are far too confused now anyway. I am against all Democratic party office-holders and candidates -- that would be Republican -- and vicey versy. Being against all Republicans would be Democratic, wouldn't it?

If you're a politician inside the box of the mega-corrupt status quo, then you know what you're doing there, and it's not representing the people. You know that the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is starkly anti-Constitutional and you know that the 16th Amendment -- the seeming justification for the anti-Constitutional personal income tax (an unapportioned direct tax directly violating the Constitution) -- was not ratified in 1913 or anytime since. You know that the personal income tax is the money pump that pays the usury of compound interest attached to money made out of thin air by the Fed's private owners. You participate in the constant financial rape of ordinary Americans for the benefit of the superrich Federal Reserve private owners. You participate in the pure rep govt culture of lying out front and working hidden machinations for profits and power behind the scenes. You are a part of the now-openly fascist attempts by the superrich to control and butcher ordinary Americans for profits and power, while moving our nation into a world govt that only they control.

Even though you as an individual office-holder or appointee might not be a part of the greed, corruption, and criminality of our pure rep govt, I will loathe you until you have proven that you are an honest person. Forget it. My remaining life will not be long enough for any of you politician rat-bastards to prove that you are honest persons.

I'm registered as an Independent, but Election 2006 saw the last of my voting until I'm assured that no US state uses any vote-counting software from Diebold, ES&S, Sequoia, or any other Diebold-Ilk electoral system violator. Additionally, civil society will have to have adopted an effective tough-love pledge system for all candidates -- throwing the rascals out with the recall as quickly as they do not live up to their written campaign promises -- before I return to voting.

I'm sick unto death of slimy-mouthed, ethical-moron politicians like Bill Clinton getting away with the breaking of every campaign promise that got him elected, as Clinton did in the first three months of 1993. Needless to say, Clinton's renegs are like a Sunday School picnic compared to fascist mutt Bush's.

Of course, the label, 'radical', applies to me and most of my writings, as well as do a large number of pejorative labels that blinded true believers inside the corruption box call outsiders like me. Proud to wear 'em.

Radicals have always defined the middle. Now, as in the authoritarian 1960s, the middle is politically ill with feet of clay. We need to make the presidential usurpation Bush Regime null and void as of 20 January 2000, as constitutional principles say that it is. We need to rip every one of its acts out of our legal fabric -- and cut the middle off at its knees.

With the recent surge of Constitutional criminality in all three branches of the national govt -- there's nothing not surging these days -- my anti-political-party and nonpartisan govt sentiments have increased exponentially. At the same time, I recognize that most Americans have political belief systems that are so strong that their cognative dissonance distorts and/or rejects any political reality that conflicts with their beliefs. It's simple human nature.

Our so-called liberals and progressives -- lib-progs -- have massive cognative dissonance problems. They read and write blog bits and alt media op-eds that engage in endless hand-wringing and clothes-clutching -- primarily in pre-situation sub-conclusions, rarely in issues of political reality. The hand-wringing and clothes clutching is sometimes expert destructive analysis and very useful. However, destructive analysis -- taking a thing apart to see what's wrong-- must find its way into constructive analysis -- putting the thing back together, with improvements. Unfortunately, most Americans have no time, patience, or acceptance for constructive analysis. We are, they think, the only nation that has democracy right. Beyond stupid.

Even those who do the most expert destructive analysis -- paradigm: William Greider -- cannot or will not lend their expertise to workable remedies. Greider's conclusions in Secrets of the Temple and Who Will Tell The People are nauseating milquetoast puddled in brilliant destructive analysis.

The lib-progs' hand-wringing and clothes-clutching allows them feel-good dissent, while they go right on being comfortable, do-nothing citizens. They give away their responsibility for the nation's political well-being to whatever criminals are telling the best-sounding lies today. Presto-jingo, nothing more to do but to get back to having a good time. Stay cocooned. Don't make yourself politically visible. Have a good time.

And if you can't escape the urge to make yourself politically visible, satisfy the urge with an auto-marginalized issue heaped in heavy sophistry, such as electing better Democrats. The sophistry is as old as rep govt itself. As with all sophistries, it is a plausible falsehood served on unethical intent. Accepting the stupid notion that lies told and crimes committed by politicians are matters that are all the fault of voters for not electing better politicians gets all criminal politicians off the accountability hook.

By heavily investing your time in the electing of better Democrats, you don't compromise your corporate job, the approval of your peers, your family's social standing, your children's education, or your retirement pension. You stick to the cultural shaping done by the elites throughout our national history to keep you from revolting. Everybody stays happy. Big smiles.

I will not waste my time on any third party until there are dramatic changes centering on the effective beginning of a mass democratic movement. Given the superrich's many corruption machines, there is no chance that a third party's politicians will be any different from the corrupt rat-bastards who populate the two major parties now.

The only possibly effective beginning of a mass democratic movement is in massive citizen organization and citizen action plans to hurt the anti-Constitutional elites in many dimensions. They'll have no reason to help with positive change until they know we can hurt them.

Next comes the shock and awe of (1) regionally organized jury nullification projects to keep elitist judges from making up the law as they go along (see especially, Aaron Russo's 2006 film AFTF, still free-per-view at Google Videos), (2) politicians and judges legally ejected and legally jailed for constitutional crimes by citizen action programs forcing genuine rule-of-law court rulings, (3) many corrupt bicameral state legislatures simplified to nonpartisan unicamerals on the still-successful 1934 Nebraska model, resulting in about a two-thirds reduction of legislator numbers in each respective state and resulting in proportional cost savings, and (4) boycott destruction of some of the worst of the global corporations.

Next comes some well-crafted Constitutional amedments, giving the people fully independent, sovereign citizen lawmaking and online citizen institutions; making all govt nonpartisan; allowing only clean money into election campaigns; overhauling the fascist-thug federal bench; instituting Congress as a nonpartisan unicameral, prohibited from passing bills with more than one votable topic; making the DOJ an independent agency and making the Attorney General an independently elected office-holder; and definitions of, and expressed penalties for, feasance violations -- malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance -- by politicians and judges.

Next ccomes the firing of all members of all three branches of govt in preparation for nonpartisan elections of their replacements.

Here it is, nine months after Election 2006, and the lib-progs are still arguing with Democrats about impeachment. Hey, MORONS, the Democrats are not going to impeach anybody. The Democrats are owned by the same superrich who are the puppetmasters of the Republinazis.

The superrich need this rack of evil politician resources for the many corruptions of the coming North American Union. Tons of profits from the currency conversion to the Amero will be pocketed by the superrich. No more borders between Mexico, the US, and Canada. Get the cheapest workers into the workplaces of the superrich, so that the superrich don't have to move the workplaces from country to country. No more rights, freedoms, or liberties to limit profits and power.

And when the ripe Yellowstone supervolcano erupts, no worries. It will kill tens of millions of unprepared Americans, gut half to two-thirds of the country, and collapse the national economy. No worries. The superrich and their politician parasites have posh underground disaster shelters all over the world to wait out the five- to ten-year volcanic winter. Then the superrich will just replace the burned-out and ash-buried US breadbasket with the Mexican and Canadian breadbaskets at low cost and high profits. Of course, no sunlight for five to ten years means none of the natural veggies will survive on earth's surface. Genetically modified apple, anyone?

Supervolcano prepration is the key for ordinary people. However, Democrats and Republicans don't want you to waste their time and money on preparation. They want you up to your neck in their economic growth and progress. They're committed to your shopping till you're dropping. It's how they and their class war captains will win the Battle of Yellowstone.

See especially, "Yellowstone Supereruption".

The superrich have their goosesteppers digitally flip elections 51-49 percent. We have Congressional hearing testimony and incontrovertible evidence on it. The superrich have tossed in a majority of Democrats just to keep the people in the socially engineered circle of deference and resignation that cancels out bloody revolution. Hey, IDIOTS, we've been culturally organized to not revolt for a couple hundred years. Grow up, get outside the massively failed status quo, or die.

The superrich buy and flip Congressional votes on legislation by whatever majority it takes to appear bi-partisan. They flip federal judges like hamburgers.

Catch Judge Robertson's flip between his defense of Hamdan's writ of habeus corpus in 2004 and Robertson's anti-Constitutional ruling that the anti-Constitutional ex-post-facto MCA obliterated Hamdan's writ of habeus corpus in 2006.

See especially, "New Nazi Judge Robertson Says Ex Post Facto MCA Is Good"..

3,723 American soldiers dead in Iraq as of this morning (24 Aug 2007). All of them are felony murders in a straightforward criminal conspiracy defined by and violating 18 USC 241. Our soldiers' rights to be sent to war only at the expressed order of Congress were massively violated. They were sent to war by fascist thugs to enable war profiteering by the superrich.

See especially, "Criminal Conspriacy and the Laws of War--Iraq".

All of our war dead in Iraq are due the national honor of having their felony murders criminally prosecuted in fair trials. Sent to war by domestic enemies of the Constitution who are office-holders and appointees in the Regime, Congress, and the Federal Courts, the felony conspiracy leading to the Iraq War felony murders of our soldiers is an act of treason, giving aid and comfort to those domestic enemies who thumped up the war.

Impeachment of those domestic enemies is purely inappropriate. Arrest them. Prosecute them. Convict them. Put many of them to death and imprison the rest of them for life. It is the best way, perhaps the only way, to honor our war dead.

Here it is, nine months after Election 2006, and the lib-progs are still arguing with the Democrats about impeachment. Beyond ridiculous. Beyond pathetic. Beyond ignorant. Beyond stupid.

I'd like to communicate with authors who share some of my views. Go over the above tags again. Drop a line. You guys are hard to locate. Anybody out there?


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Friday, August 10, 2007

Protect America Act--Cheetah for Tyranny

A Nazi Germany Messerschmitt BF-109E-4/Trop from the I/JG 27 over Libya, 1941Congress' criminal majority has once again raped the Constitution, this time with the "Protect America Act". Personal privacy rights of US citizens -- massively violated by presidential usurper Bush's warrantless wiretaps since soon after the 9/11 attacks -- are just one facet of the Constitutional rape by Congressional thugs in the PAA. Under Reagan and Clinton, institutional tyranny quaintly crept along toward the superrich's objectives for global govt control. Under the Bush Usurpation, with its 3-branch fascist despotism, "tyranny runs like a cheetah".


In a December 2005 essay for FindLaw's Writ, "Warrantless Wiretapping: Why It Seriously Imperils The Separation Of Powers", Edward Lazarus -- a former federal prosecutor and current law professor in Los Angeles -- wrote that warrantless wiretapping is a major threat to the Constitution's separation of powers. It is, Lazarus said, a sapping of legislative and judicial power into the executive.

1989 -- Congress decided to have the executive branch name a few members of the federal bench to the "US Sentencing Commission". Critics immediately jumped at Congress' decision based on separation of powers issues.

They were still angrily jumping after the bizzaro SCOTUS ruling in Mistretta v. US (488 US 361 -- 1989). The ruling approved Congress' anti-Constitutional move to meld judicial power into the executive's Sentencing Commission.

Lazarus writes -- "... the Constitution's separation of powers was the nation's primary defense against tyranny. And tyranny, [Yale law professor Stephen] Carter concluded in an oft quoted line, does not overwhelm a nation in an instant. No, he wrote, 'tyranny creeps".

Lazarus continues -- "Lately, though, tyranny runs like a cheetah."

Lazarus emphasizes Bush's efforts to push Congress and the Courts out the door, grabbing away their powers wholesale for himself. Lazarus spotlights Bush's bogus claims of "commander-in-chief" powers, his bogus claims that Gitmo detainees do not have the right of habeus corpus, and his bogus claims that he has the power to decide what citizen communications are to be intercepted in the name of national security.

Through all these scary 2005 parallels with 2006-2007 events, Lazarus rips at Bush's repeated attempts to neuter legislative and judicial oversight. Taking away Constitutional oversight -- cementing a permanent tyranny of executive power across the Constitutional separation-of-powers boundaries -- is how he and we will get to his absolute despotism.

The single largest anti-Constitutional contribution to the Regime by the PAA of 2007 is its effective cancellation of legislative and judicial oversight on warrantless wiretapping. Legislative and judicial power in the executive branch instantly grew by several orders of magnitude. The Constitution's separation-of-powers principle had its arms ripped off.

Thank you, Congress, for showing us this superior mode of despotic governance. Thank you, Democrats, for confirming that you are a pack of power-mongering fascists every bit the equal of our Republinazis.

You, John Q, better do a loose roundup in your mind of the despotic powers that the fascist mutt has already stockpiled -- unconstitutional and felonious executive orders, unconstitutional and felonious Congressional and federal bench contributions, and repeated violations of our Constitution and laws.

If you still think that this is just some big misunderstanding, if you still think that electing better representatives in the Democratic party will save us all, if you still think that the status quo is not massively failed, if you're still politically withdrawn, then you'd better change your evil ways.

Organize in citizen action groups outside the political party corruption machines. Adopt hard-biting citizen action programs -- corporation-killing boycotts, reduction of state legislatures to nonpartisan unicamerals on the successful 1934 Nebraska model, nationally organized jury nullification to block fascist thugs masquerading as judges who make up the law as they go along, and more.

Citizen action to hurt the anti-Constitutional elites, to force Constitutional governance onto them, is just the beginning.

We've a long way to go to making the Bush Usurpation null and void from 20 January 2000. We've a long way to go to ripping the 3-branch despotism's anti-law regimes out of our legal fabric. We've a long way to go to installing the well-crafted Constitutional amendments that will give the people the power to check and balance government and the power to prevent anything like the Bush Usurpation in the future.

Tyranny is running like a cheetah, headlong into absolute despotism. Nobody can stop it -- except you and a lot of your friends. If you're waiting for leaders, you're burning daylight.


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