Monday, July 31, 2006

Bush Wants "Sustainable Peace"

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Bush wants a "sustainable peace" in the Mideast. This has been a steady-on demand of his from the beginning of the current Israeli rape-murder of Lebanon and its citizens. Warmaker Front-Surrogate Rice, of course, is the perfect mindless mirror for reflecting this childish, transparent sophistry.

There can be nothing genuine in Bush's "sustainable peace". He's demonstrated from the beginning of his usurpation of the US presidency that he is a depraved warmaker and war profiteer. He's obviously working all the Israeli angles to widen his Mideast warmaking into an oil-grabbing conflagration with Syria and Iran.

Sustainable peace? Just who the hell gets to decide whether a peace is sustainable? Just who the hell gets to decide that some peace attained is to be rejected because it is not sustainable? This knee-jerk liar and ethical moron who has twice usurped the US presidency? This fascist proto-dictator who lied his nation into a war of aggression and who has secretly set up a worldwide torture-murder gulag? This constitutional criminal and felon-in-waiting who ordered the undeclared war in Iraq and who is now guilty of the felony murders of over 2,578 US soldiers, countless crimes against humanity, and countless mass-murder war crimes?

This treasonous, warmaking criminal is the decider of peace?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clinton's Co-Fascist Wingnuts

Thus Spoke ClintonSleaze
  • Lieberman goes back to the Senate. Diebold by-God guarantees it. And I'm out here to cover for what Diebold's gonna do to the schmucks in Connecticut. Just win, baby. Just win.

  • Joe Lieberman was there for us when it was time to get the war on the road AND when it was time to get womens-liberties-shredding Sam Alito into SCOTUS. We by-God promised that Diebold would reelect every good co-fascist Democrat who was there for us, and we won't by-God let Joe Lieberman down.

  • Laissez faire and war profiteering experts from the Bilderbergers' central banking cabal to Paul "The $9-Billion-Dollar Man" Brenner are cheering for Joe Lieberman. Our evangelical and anti-abortion wingnuts will make Joe Lieberman a demi-god when Roe v. Wade goes down.

  • Democratic Party servile and Diebold's Primary machinery will see to it that Joe Lieberman stays a Democrat. We sure don't want him out there running around like an independent chicken with his head cut off.

  • I love the Bush-Cheney Usurpation. Just look what they've done for the New American Century. What's a bunch of dead grunts and ragheads when the Empire is in the money?

  • Even when the lawyers told me in December 2000 that the whole Usurpation is a straightforward unconstitutional anti-law regime and felony conspiracy against rights, and that I could go to prison for ten years as a co-conspirator if I didn't stop it, I still said, oh, hell no, I won't make the call. If it's good enough for SCOTUS, it's by-God good enough.

  • Just seven more years and the statute of limitations takes me off the hook of that damned 18 USC 241. Odds are way heavy on my side that the schmucks will never get it. I'm set here on Easy Street for life. I'm a by-God ex-president and senior statesman -- laughing all the way to the bank.

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    No Ceasefire for the Ragheads

    Thus Spoke RiceSleaze
    • Saving raghead lives is not my job.

    • We urgently seek perpetual, never-ending war.

    • Shuttle diplomacy sucks.

    • Give chaos a two-week head start, I always say.

    • The glorious central banking cabal loses too much money in a ceasefire.

    • The certainty of the Syria/Iran war will only be delayed with all these damn ceasefires.

    • The Syria/Iran war will bring oil down to $150 per barrel.

    • I absolutely, positively cannot leave for the Mideast until I find the right stiletto-heel boots.

    Refer to "Rice rejects quick fix in Mideast", by Anne Gearan, Forbes, Friday 21 July 2006.

    Update Saturday 22 July 2006 at 8:35pm CDT -- Also refer to "Rice warns against 'false' Mideast ceasefire", by James Bone and Jenny Booth, London Times Online, Friday 21 July 2006.

    © by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    Bush Shits On Open Mike

    © by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

    As he sat talking through chewing mouthfuls of monochrome food -- reminding some observers of a cement mixer with audio -- Presidential Usurper & Despot GW Bush twisted his Americanese around a well-placed "shit".

    It was well-placed because U&D Bush needed a word whose meaning would transcend meaning and project the whole statement into the gibberish of sophistry. He also needed a word that would instantly inflame his twitish liberal opponents, causing them to lose sight of his dangerous, pre-invasion sophistry concerning Syria.

    It was Monday 17 July in the St.Petersburg off-season, inside the G8's war-zone anti-demonstrator perimeter-in-depth, and Bush was hot to stump for invading Syria. He handled the transcendental projection admirably well, except for throwing in an unrehearsed and bizarre notion of "irony".

    "See, the irony is that what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it's over," Bush told Blair during their accidently open-mike discussion.

    Sure enough, the lib-prog media and and their millions of little twits just went crazy over the shit-word, missing the dangerous warmaking propaganda by a country mile. Syria doesn't control Hezbollah. Every bit of evidence we have shows that Hezbollah cannot be controlled by any one or group of governments.

    Analyists, of course, are not wasting their time trying to understand Bush's twist on "irony". There simply is no understanding anything so distant from the proper useage of a word.

    Instead, most of them spend consideradble time compiling all of the sophisms stacked against Syria and Iran since Bush-Cheney installed an update of Rumfeld's "Office of Special Plans", the lash-up of intelligence amatuers and political hacks that got the Iraq war off to such a good start.

    The updated version is called the "Office of Iranian Affairs", with a Cheney daughter in charge as chief political hack. It's one of her many duties -- most involving the doling out of Mid East contracts -- as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, a job created for her in March 2002.

    Bush does not miss an opportunity to blame Syria or Iran for anything that might possibly become grounds for his next invasion. He is especially good at catching opportunities based on depravities which he himself has committed recently. It's just a little baby step from "somebody should get Syria to stop Hezbollah" -- an impossiblity -- to "get the US to stop Iraqi Shia'ites from making civil war" -- a depravity for which Bush is directly responsible.

    Iraqi war profits are winding down. Bush and his good ol' boys need a new cash cow. It's now clear to Bush's oil buddies that they might not get oil up over $150 per barrel without another war, and they obviously are complaining very bitterly.

    In the end, of course, Bush is a lot like the elephant hiding in the cherry tree. He is not a president, he is a presidential usurper who gained office in an unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous conspiracy that began with a bunch of fascist thugs masquerading as SCOTUS judges.

    Everything that he has done under color of law since 10 December 2000 is null and void AND a huge series of felony conspiracies against our laws, especially 18 USC 241, which defines combat deaths in the unconstitutionally-waged war of aggression in Iraq as felony murder. Felony forfeits all immunities -- judicial, legislative, and executive.

    Criminal prosecutions have been stoppered since December 2000 only by the DOJ's obstruction of justice and accessory-after-the-fact protections. As the felonies lay now, Bush-Cheney and about a thousand of their staffers, appointees, agency civilians, and military war dogs, as well as at least 373 of the Criminal Congress, and at least ten of the federal bench's fascist thugs are treasonous constitutional criminals and felons-in-waiting whose only rightful place is in federal prison. When we finally do get to the criminal prosecutions of this fascist despotism, done fairly, they will make the Nurenberg trials look like a Sunday School picnic.

    Meanwhile, the MSM editors remain clueless about the thin ice they're on. Chicago Tribune editors published an editorial yesterday titled, "Profane but true". Its author(s) want you to believe that Syria's control of Hezbollah is certainty and truth its very own self.

    Here we sit, watching the usurper, one of history's all-time liars, who obviously wants to get into a war with Syria/Iran, propagandizing that the Syrian government can control Hezbollah. Clearly, the assumption is a sophistry waved around by the usurper and his warmaker surrogates for warmaking purposes.

    War with Syria is coming. Gott mit uns. Bush has the vision and he will lead. Bush is the true and only decider. Bush decides what's best for everyone, and to hell with the economy, New Orleans, the NAACP convention, and anyone who is not positioned to profit from war.

    Despite the elephant hiding in the cherry tree and his inevitable Nurenberg-like prosecution, there go the Chicago Trib editors, jogging along behind the PNAC-Neocon wagon, trying their best to jump on.

    Oh, yeah, oh, yeah -- the most depraved Liar-In-Chief in US history is really telling the truth this time. Uh-huh, Uh-huh. It's all on Syria to control Hezbollah. In profanity, veritas forever. Georgie-boy forever and ever. Amen, and slow down that shit wagon.


    Chicago Tribune blog -- The Swamp, "Frank Talk: Bush and Blair", posted by Mark Silva, Monday 17 July 2006 at 6:20am CDT. Silva's post gives what appears to be a complete transcript of the open-mike dialog between Bush and Blair.

    Chicago Tribune Editorial, "Profane but true", Tue 18 July 2006.

    (Modified Wed 19 July 2006 at 1:30pm CDT.)

    Friday, July 07, 2006

    The Fed -- Jekyll Island Monster

    The Creature from Jekyll Island© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

    In November 1910, seven wealthy men left the Northeastern US on trains to do some duckhunting on an island off Brunswick, Georgia. They carried all their duckhunting gear in plain sight, so that any snooping reporter could see that they were going duckhunting. And reporters really snooped in those days. The Reform Era muckrakers were still at their 1890s-1912 peak, producing exposés that still startled everybody.

    On arrival, the duckhunters moved into a posh resort owned by JP Morgan -- on Jekyll Island.

    In later years, at least one of the men admitted that he had never shot a duck, and never intended to. Another of the men later punned that the duckhunting was "a blind".

    The seven wealthy men were surrogates of national government and powerful financiers. The financiers were seemingly competitors, subordinate to and regulated by the government. However the surrogates were not at Jekyll Island to sharpen their apparent relationships. They were there to agree on unconstitutional collusions between private corporations and government, which would restrict their lesser competitors and allow them to create debt-based money secured by nothing but thin air, from which they and their cronies could get rich by endless multiplication of debt-created money in the financial treason called "fractional reserve banking".  They were there to bring the deceits, corruptions, frauds, and murderous machinations of centuries-old European central banking to the US.  They were there to keep the rabble down and to keep the right people up.

    They were -- Nelson W. Aldrich (Republican whip in the Senate and father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr.) -- A. Piat Andrew (Asst Secretary of the Treasury) -- Henry P. Davison, Sr. (partner in JP Morgan Company) -- Charles D. Norton (President, 1st National Bank of New York) -- Benjamin Strong (head of JP Morgan's Bankers Trust, later  chairman of the Federal Reserve) -- Frank A. Vanderlip (President, National City Bank of New York, representing William Rockefeller) -- Paul M. Warburg (partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs in Europe).  

    US national circumstances were such that the class-race elite -- the superrich --  desperately needed new and extraordinary mechanisms to keep the rabble down and to give the elites increased control.  Citizens of nine states had already rammed direct democracy's I&R (initiative and referendum petition process citizen lawmaking) into their state constitutions -- Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, and Utah.  Citizens in many other states were heavily organized and threatening to institute their own citizen lawmaking.  Class-race elite desperation is probably an understatement.

    Across the country, elites were being threatened and driven off decades-old corruptions that held vast profits and power for them.  The losses of those profit-power corruptions made the wider elites community more than a little crazy.  In the I&R states, November 1910, elites had already resorted to the wholesale illegality of overturning the people's rights as given in constitutional law with inferior and unconstitutional statutes.

    I&R "administrative law", passed by state legislatures for the regulation of I&R citizen petitions -- proposed law -- had been filled with "separation of powers" constitutional violations, as well as "binding judicial review of proposed law" constitutional violations.  Executive branch officials were instructed by statute to arbitrarily delay, alter, and/or reject constitutionally defined, citizen-proposed law.  Judges were instructed to arbitrarily delay, alter, and/or reject citizen-proposed law with binding court rulings.  

    No constitution in the country allows executive branch officials to interfere in proposed law.  No constitution in the country allows judges to perform binding review on proposed law.

    Any of those violations against legislature-proposed law would find the violators impeached and removed before dinner.  But doing those same constitutional violations against citizen-proposed law is just what's necessary to keep the rabble down.  It's just what's necessary to gain the profits and power that is theirs alone.

    Those delays, alterations, and/or rejections could be applied to any citizen-proposed law.  However, the predator politicians have been cunning enough to selectively apply them only to those citizen-proposed laws that are offensive to money-power.  Anything else slides right through.  This unconstitutional I&R gauntlet remains largely undiscovered these hundred years later.

    The natural law of elitists' profits and power had trumped the laws of nations for thousands of years.  It would not any more be set aside by the direct democracy of American rabble than it had by English rabble gathering around the Magna Carta or Republican Roman rabble gathering around the citizen lawmaking of the Council of Plebs.

    The Jekyll Island Duck Hunting Society was amazingly successful, for all the wrong reasons, and at huge expense to ordinary Americans.

    The Jekyll Island Good Ol' Boys Club saw their labors writ in the stone of federal statute when a compliant and complicit Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act, 23 December 1913.  Mental giant that Wilson was, we can hold him responsible for knowing that his signature was not creating law, but instead was creating an unconstitutional anti-law regime -- null and void from its first moment, enforced under color of law only in constantly repeating felony violations of a broad spectrum of valid federal statutes.  Nearly a hundred years later, the felony violations stack beyond imagination, every second of every day.

    Here's what Wilson and the powerful predators of Congress got away with.

    Constitution, Article 1, section 8 -- The Congress shall have power -- paragraph 5 -- To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.

    With the 1913 FRA, Congress and the President unconstitutionally delegated Congress' specifically assigned duty to coin debt-free money secured by its precious metals.  They delegated that duty to a privately owned corporation whose expressed intent was to print debt-based, fiat money secured only by thin air, and whose many other expressed intents were the interests of private financial corporate ownership, not the interests of civil society or its Constitutional governance.

    There is nothing in the Constitution that allows the give-away or delegation of any expressed duty/power to any other branch or institution.  The Federal Reserve act was unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous from its first moment of existence -- and remains exactly that today.

    As with the unconstitutional statutes that overturn the constitutional rights of citizens in the I&R states, the Federal Reserve Act is a federal statute that overturns the constitutional rights of citizens at the national level.  This hundred-year-old trick of the super-bigoted class-race elite, their corporate sleaze, and their predator politicians is purely unacceptable.  In today's mega-corruption the old trick is a growing enterprise.  The 2-party, 3-branch, Bush-Cheney Usurpation has made it a chief tenet of their political science.  

    Between Jekyll Island and the weeks leading up to the Wilson signing, citizens in another eight states had forced I&R citizen lawmaking into their state constitutions -- Arizona, California, Idaho, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, and Washington.  It was not at all clear to the elites in 1913 that the interstate citizen action groups increasing direct democracy could be stopped.  The class-race elite had become desperately crazy.

    We shouldn't wonder that Congess' majority of predator politicians went along with the rules-violating rush-through of the FRA's passage.  The powerful predators of Congress knew what had to be done to keep the rabble down.  And they were being leaned on by their most important clients -- the superrich.

    In our time, we need to look back across the history of US money and banking, and create hard-biting remedies to these financial problems that daily now threaten to destroy us as a nation.

    The Constitution's authors had many good reasons for granting expressed duty/powers to specific branches and institutions.

    Coining and regulating the value of money, assigned only to Congress, has a history with the Constitution's authors that is stunningly large and stunningly unambiguous.  Their main man of money-first-people-last, Alexander Hamilton, remarked -- "To emit an unfunded paper as the sign of value ought not to continue as a formal part of the Constitution, nor ever hereafter to be employed; being, in its nature, repugnant with abuses and liable to be made the engine of imposition and fraud".

    Hamilton knew the Bank of England well.  He knew that it had been the model for, and, often, the controller of, the other central banks of Europe.  With a bad track record stretching back to 1694, he knew about its debt-based money created out of thin air.  He knew about its "fractional reserve banking", which allowed it to create multiples of its thin-air, fiat money with every loan that it entered into its books -- straightforward usury in its most depraved and treasonous form.  He knew about its monetary and political machinations in the creation of war, during which it funded both sides, maximizing its creation of debt.  He knew that it worked only to benefit its private owners, never its civil society.

    And yet, that "unfunded paper", fiat money secured by nothing more than thin air, is exactly what the 1913 Federal Reserve was commissioned to do -- by the same Congress whose members vow to uphold the Constitution.  You might send them a note, "asking them when they intend to start", quips G. Edward Griffin, author of the smooth-reading, history-intense book, The Creature from Jekyll Island:  A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.

    The Creature from Jekyll Island, 4nd edition, June 2002, should be required reading for every American over the age of 15.

    In 1935, SCOTUS slapped down the Congressional give-away of its legislative authority in Schechter Poultry Corporation v. US (295 U.S. 495). After citing the basic tenets of the Constitution's Article 1, the court ruled, "The Congress is not permitted to abdicate or to transfer to others the essential legislative functions with which it is thus vested."

    Some were quick to apply that SCOTUS ruling to the Federal Reserve. There were howlings, political explosions, and much noisy gibberish -- and then every criminality of the Federal Reserve simply continued.

    (Make a note. That 1935 SCOTUS ruling also applies to Congress' unconstitutional transfer of its exclusive war powers to Bush, prior to Bush's unconstitutional invasion of Iraq. For that unconstitutional transfer, all 373 assenting members and senators are co-conspirators in the felony conspiracy against our soldiers' rights to be sent to war ONLY at the expressed order of Congress. For his invasion order, Bush and his admirals and generals round out that felonious pack of co-conspirators, as defined in the federal statute, 18 USC 241. Felony forfeits all immunities, legislative, executive, and judicial. All of the co-conspirators, including Bush-Cheney, should have been criminally prosecuted immediately after the illegal invasion. Because that felony violation of our soldiers' rights has resulted in death and maiming, penalties for convicted co-conspirators can include life imprisonment or death -- as specified in 18 USC 241.)

    Our $8.5 trillion national debt, a direct result of debt-based money creation, held by nations and foreign central banks who, history shows, will destroy our nation without a second thought when their profits picture is good enough, is just one measure of the Federal Reserve's success.

    The Federal Reserve's only concerns are the profits and power of its private owners.  In a conflict between the interests of their private owners and the US citizenry, they have no concerns for the US citizenry.  Disintegration of the US economy will be induced the day that it provides enough profit to the Euro-American central bank cabal.

    The FRA is the most financially and politically powerful of the corruption machines that rule the everyday lives of Americans.  This is the overarching corruption machine that gives confidence and arrogance to the operators of all the other corruption machines.  This is the one that makes every other corruption machine possible.

    The omnibus corruption engine would be gutted and near lifeless without the Federal Reserve's multi-faceted "central banking" scam.  We desperately need to abolish the Federal Reserve system.

    We have many reasons for abolishing the Federal Reserve and for setting a heavily regulated, governmental central banking system in its place.  A pro-people, pro-sustainability-economics central banking system that will issue debt-free money and do fully secured banking is the key to a species-mature governance.

    Perpetual indebtedness and perpetual war are two giant keys for civil society's control by the superrich. their corporate sleaze, and their predator politicians.  Those two giant keys are just part of the anti-democracy, anti-people arsenal that is firmly held by the Federal Reserve and its inbred partner, the international central banking cabal.

    Until you understand the reasons for abolishing the Federal Reserve system, you are simply part of the problem.

    The seven reasons for abolishing the Fed, as given by Griffin in his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, "sound absurd to the casual observer" when stated without their supporting facts and arguments.  The purpose of his book, he says, is to show that all seven bare-bones statements "are all-too-easy to substantiate".  Clearly, his book delivers the substantiation.

    Griffin's seven reasons for abolishing the Fed are --

    (1) It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.

    (2) It is a cartel operating against the public interest.

    (3) It is the supreme instrument of usury [with its treason of "fractional reserve banking", endlessly multiplying the money supply, endlessly multiplying debt, endlessly multiplying inflation].

    (4) It generates our most unfair tax [inflation due to constantly increasing money supply].

    (5) It encourages war.

    (6) It destabilizes the economy.

    (7) It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

    Those who are laboring to renovate the Democratic Party so that government can save us should make a note.  It is very probable that the international banking cabal's many levers threatening the existence of our country is the cause of the Democratic Party's terminal waffle, flip-flop, and treasonous support of neocon treasons.

    Better ask yourselves whether those behaviors show any evidence that a newly strong Democratic Party -- still saddled with a majority of its old-school corruption machine operators -- could be brought to face down the central banking cabal's threats.  Could they be brought to abolish the Fed, just when they've gained the power to obscenely excessive profits from the Fed's horrendous defrauding of the American people?



    (1) G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island:  A Second Look at the Federal Reserve, 4th Edition, American Media, Westlake Village, CA, June 2002.

    (2) Stephen Lendman, "Dirty Secrets of the Temple", SteveLendmanBlog, 29 July 2006.

    (3) Todd Altman, "Two Reforms That Will Solve Virtually All Our Economic Problems", Part 2, "The Money System", Progress.Org, date unknown, but recent.

    (4) An ingenious computation of the current fractional reserve percentage -- one of the three powers held by the Fed, allowing it to conduct the nation's monetary policy.  The other two are "open market operations" and "the discount rate".  All three are equally dangerous to civil society, but the fractional reserve is the scariest.  The Fed will not tell the public what the reserve percentage is.  This computation is by Franklin Sanders, "How Big Is The Reserve?", Money Changer, date unkown, but recent.

    (5) Stephen A. Zarlenga, The Lost Science of Money:  The Mythology of Money -- The Story of Power. American Monetary Institute, Valatie, NY, 2002.  Nature and history of debt-based money and why we need to institute a debt-free money system.  Widely acclaimed by serious students of monetary economics.

    (Last modified Tue 11 July 2006, 11:40am.)