Monday, April 07, 2008

Revolution's Time-Warp

Obama's pastor, the Rev Jeremiah Wright, might be one of the most inflammatory rhetoricians among church leaders, but he is far from being alone in that august group in his pro-nation and anti-govt stances.

I never forget that it was church leadership that seemed to tilt the balance from compromise and patience with England in the 1770s to the fiery brimstone of American Revolution -- before the Declaration Of Independence, but with sermons that breathed the fire of everything that Thomas Jefferson would pack into the DOI.

The Most Reverend Wright has stepped out of the time-warp, fully fleshed.

We need a revolution -- peaceful if possible, but a revolution nonetheless.

Now, as then, only predator elitists and the blinded servile object to pronouncements of the gross immorality and illegality of the Regime. Then, it was far-away and insane King George. Now, it's up-close, insane, and utterly fascist Usurper George.

I take Rev Wright's thundering as a good sign, pointing into the American future.


Published in the Blog on the Populist Party site as "Rev. Wright: Breathing the Fire of Freedom".

© 2008 by Stephen Neitzke