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New Nazi Judge Robertson Says Ex Post Facto MCA Is Good

Somebody got to the zebra.

US District Court Judge James Robertson was still ethically normal in 2004, when he granted Hamdan's habeas corpus in the initial stage of Hamdan vs. Rumsfeld.

But he was pure Nazi yesterday, when he caved in to the demands of the Gonzales-Nazi's DOJ, ruling that the Constitutionally-barred ex post facto provisions of the Nazi Congress and Bush-Nazi Military Commissions Act of 2006 mean that Hamdan's habeas corpus is no longer valid.

What are we doing? Why are we allowing those Nazi mutts to plow our Constitution and laws into the ground with one constitutional criminality after another? With Nazi impunity? Are you so crazy with political stupidity and reality rejection that you think this is the last of it? That after this, everything will go back to normal?

It is not going to get better. It is going to get worse.

An unconstitutional anti-law regime -- e.g., the MCA -- posing as a statute, cannot overturn the fundamental law of Constitutional rights.

Robertson's ruling is not just unConstitutional -- it is anti-Constitutional. "No bill of attainder or ex post facto law shall be passed", the Constitution says.

"Well, now, wait just one minute", says the Nazi Congress, the Bush-Nazi, and the Gonzales-Nazi, all in harmonious unison. "We've got this MCA law here that says different. And you can't go around overlaying a 217-year-old Constitution on a brand new law and saying ... no, no, you just can't do that".

Sorry, Nazis, this is not your Nazi-pretend-politics-as-usual. This is not your bobble-head Demofascists and media Nazis misdirecting everyone to the 2008 election that will be made meaningless by your Nazi North American Union in 2007. This is the law now. There is no judicial immunity for this felony against Constitutional rights in violation of 18 USC 241 and its associated treason. Felony forfeits all immunities -- judicial, legislative, and executive.

As with all of our government's Nazis, Robertson should be stripped of his social, economic, and political power. He should be promptly impeached, removed, criminally prosecuted for felony violation of 18 USC 241 and the treason perpetrated by his not protecting Hamdan's rights (in treasonous violation of the judge's oath of office, as was ruled for the treasonous secessionist state legislators in the 1860s).

The judge's conviction and imprisonment is legally necessary -- as is the Bush-Nazi's, the Congressional Nazis of the 109th, and the Gonzales-Nazi, Robertson clearly and blatantly violated our Constitution and laws. And to make sure that his conviction and imprisonment is accomplished, we need a new Constitutional amendment, reforming the federal bench so that it is dependent on the will of the people.

We've tried "judicial independence" for too long. In every era, it has proven that it is nothing more than a sop to the corruptions of money-power.

Robertson's ruling proves beyond doubt that the massively Nazi federal bench needs to be fired in toto in preparation for nonpartisan elections of judges by the citizens of the Court's jurisdiction.

We won't get that judicial reform Constitutional amendment by sitting on our hands waiting for the Democratic Party to save us. The next order of the people's business is smash-mouth politics. See the "Unity America" action plan in "Open Letter To Susan--Making Bush-Cheney Null & Void", 13 September 2006, on this blog.


Update -- Fri 15 Dec 2006, at 8:05pm CST.

Outside Looking In

The worst components of the MCA -- the permanent dismissal of habeas and the retroactive protection of torture/murderers -- are ex post facto law, plain and simple.

The Constitution says that no ex post facto law shall be passed, period.

Our Nazi Congress perpetrated legislative felony and massive treason just passing the MCA. The Nazi mutt who usurped the presidency in January 2001 -- perpetrating felonies and treason then, and who has perpetrated a whole catalog of unconstitutionalities, felonies, and treasons since -- perpetrated another set of unconstitutionalities, felonies, and treasons when he signed the MCA into an unconstitutional anti-law regime, 17 October 2006.

But reading commentary on the first treasonous ruling applying the MCA's ex post facto provisions, you'd think that there simply is no such thing as an ex post facto law consideration here. The Nazis -- media, politicians, DOJ, Judge Robertson, and a bunch of Harvard law school profs who promptly filed an amicus brief -- all sidestep the legal reality of the MCA abomination being ex post facto law, passed in blatant violation of the Constitution. Mustn't talk about the elephant in the living room. Mustn't challenge the hallowed US government.

It is reality rejection writ large, across a broad spectrum of motivations; all of them protecting the massively failed status quo of the massively criminal Bush-Cheney regime; all of them treasonously unAmerican; all of them Nazi.

Mention of the ex post facto abomination that is the MCA is only taken up by some few of us who brand it as a Nazi-like overthrowing of our Constitution and established law, on a par with the 1933 Nazi Enabling Act. And, of course, we few who demand that the society deal with the anti-Constitution reality of the MCA as ex post facto abomination are branded as radicals too far over the top to warrant attention.

Those who judge us to be political radicals are still doing politics-as-usual, treating the superrich class-race elite's 3-branch, 1-party, fascist despotism as if it were a normal, legitimate, US national govt. It's not. And ex post facto law is not about politics. It's about Constitutional law.

The Bush-Cheney regime -- illegitimate, criminal, and treasonous from top to bottom, 24-7, since 20 January 2001 -- continues to chalk up the sort of abominations against its civil society that have engulfed lesser-principled nations in bloody revolutions throughout history.

We few who demand accountability for the fascist usurpers who are destroying our nation for the superrich are on the outside looking in. We're not allowed into the political or the legal discussion. But what is inside -- servile bolstered despotism -- is so unspeakably illegitimate and murderous as to be a dishonoring of every decent thing ever done by Americans. It's utterly depraved. There are no words sufficient to describe its vileness and evil.

Modified Sun 17 Dec 2006, at 7:10am CST.

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006 -- 800 words


At 12/15/2006 6:07 PM, Blogger Citizens For A Better Veterans Home and CARP said...

1776 L I B E R T Y FLAG as the banner symbol for Direct Democracy:

Library of Congress: “Fort Moultrie Flag, rectangular, a royal blue field with a
crescent moon in the ‘north west’ quadrant & capitol block letters L I B E R T Y
centered in the lower third of the body. In 1776, Colonel William Moultrie
commanded the defenses of Charleston, South Carolina. He ordered and supervised
the construction of a fortification on (then) ‘Sulivans Island’. This facility was
located at the entrance of Charleston harbor and would later bear Colonel
Moultrie’s name. Later yet, it would the site of the failed infantry charge by the all
black Union Civil War Infanty Unit as depicted in the major motion picture ‘Glory’.

During the American War of Independence, on June 28th, 1776, British Naval and
Hessain ‘shock troop’ units attacked the fort. The primitive installation was mostly
constructed of palmetto trees* and sand berms. The Royalist - Loyalist take over
attempt ended in a crushing defeat which helped to keep the English out of South
Carolina until 1780. Until General Washington’s December 1776 victories in New
Jersey, this stubborn resistance was the high light of the colonial effort for
independence.” *official flag emblem and state foliege of South Carolina....

As some one who has helped and even managed the political efforts of Libertarians,
and a citizen who has wide libertarian streaks in my social philosophy, I have
admired some of the Libertarian Party symbolism for many years. Thomas Jefferson,
the Statute of Liberty, and the Liberty Bell are all well known public domains.
Jefferson has starred out over the Great Plains of South Dakota from Mount
Rushmore for decades.

With out fee, fine, penalty, or contract, all these public icons adorn Libertarian Party
property. Just as Andy Jackson silently toils for the Democratic Party and ‘Honest
Abe’ represents the GOP--- Jefferson is an ubiquitous emblem for the Libertarians.

But for decades I have also been bothered about the lack of an official Libertarian
Party flag. As early as 1776 there exist yet one other free, no cost, public domain
completely that is completely unexploited by the libertarian movement. The Fort
Moultrie icon even has the word ‘Liberty’ prominently displayed. So much than the
circle of stars or the ‘Don’t Tred On Me’ snake banner, the Fort Moultrie emblem
is tailor made for the official LP flag. And here it is, converging on half a decade
into the 21st Century and almost 230 years since the historic battle for Fort
Moultrie, and this lost opportunity just stares back, unblinkingly, from the wall of
American History. Could someone please explain this gross stupidity to me?

Citizens For A Better Veterans Home[s],, 619.420.0209, 263 Eucalyptus Court, Chula Vista CA 91910-3030

You want a REAL icon of Direct Democracy? TR's 1912 Bull Moose running mate, California Governor Hiram W. Johnson......


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