Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ides of March

Ceasar's death scene reenactment photo is published this date on the BBC's 'Shakespeares 60-Second Times' pseudo-newspaper at 2,051 years ago, Roman Senators committed dagger-intensive tyrannicide against Julius Caesar. The tyrant was guilty of hi-jacking Rome's republican government for the benefit of himself and his superrich clients. He became the model for tyrannical fascists forever.

There's no chance that any of our well-paid Senators will commit tyrannicide against the fascist usurper Bush, no matter how many more times he hi-jacks our republic's government.

Senators no longer center on republican principles. Money first, ordinary people last.

The do-nothing American people no longer center on republican principles. Social, economic, and psychological cocoons first, citizen action last.

Our republican principles, dead of neglect and ignorance, were gone long before the 3-branch Bush-Cheney fascists buried our Constitution and rule of law.

No more tyrannicides. Things are definitely better for treasonous fascists these days.


Extracts from Homegrown American Fascism:

No waffling. As with German and Italian fascism in the early 20th Century, the Bush-Cheney Usurpation is pure fascism. It demonstrates a strong-man leader, extreme secrecy, controlled media, fraudulent elections, judicial rulings clearly violating the Constitution, negation of the rule of law by all three branches of government, obstruction of justice for political and corporate leaders, the making of ex post facto law to immunize political and corporate leaders from past crimes, redefinition of established law for corruption and ideological purposes, redefinition of commonly understood language terms to avoid legal retribution (e.g., 'torture' to mean only treatment resulting in severe organ damage or death, and 'terrorist surveillance' to mean the interception of any communication or bank activity done by US citizens), the making of unconstitutional law to limit rights, suppression of Constitutional rights for profits and power, misuse of policy and law for unstated intentions, cronyism and corruption, sham national security obsessions, warmaking for profits and power, supremacy of the military, sham nationalism for the masses while leadership creates policy to benefit the transnational and stateless superrich, hard science made politically relative, anti-intellectualism outside the political and corporate elites, suppression of critical thinking in public education, intermixing of government and religion, enemies and scapegoats obsessions, destruction of undesirable minority population and cultural centers (e.g., Warsaw ghetto and New Orleans), male chauvinism and suppression of women's rights, and corporation protection extremes including lassez faire economic policy and suppression of labor's rights and power.

Fascism is not only a form of absurd, predator elitism governance, it is a national trait. Just as there was something inherently fascist about significant numbers of early 20th Century Germans and Italians, so there is something inherently fascist about significant numbers of late 20th and early 21st Century Americans. History will damn the American people for their fascism and fascist war crimes just as it damns the German and Italian peoples for theirs.

With the Bush-Cheney Usurpation, the fascist thugs masquerading as public officials and judges have created treasonous, despotic governance wholly beyond the Constitution. ...


Usurpation is the exercise of powers by an agent which have not been delegated to him by the principal. In a constitutional republic like the United States of America, acts by officials are legitimate only if they are consistent with and based on a constitution, a body of laws which are superior to all subsequent statutes and other acts of officials, which embodies all delegations of power, and which may recognize certain rights to further define the limits on the powers delegated. It is a fundamental principle that all acts of officials not derived from the delegated powers of the constitution are null and void from inception, not just from the point at which a court may find them unconstitutional.
--Constitution Society, "Abuses and Usurpations"


© 2007 by Stephen Neitzke


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