Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas and New Years Wishes

May these special holidays bring you the reality or memory of loving and being loved in return.

May they bring us closer to the end of the species-juvenile governance under predator elitism's corruptions and butchery of ordinary people for profits and power.

May the rule of law triumph over the Republicrat evil of the Bush-Cheney Usurpation and its 3-branch, 1-party, fascist despotism.

May increasing numbers of ethically normal Americans recognize the high value of the direct democracy governance components won for us by the Reform Era citizens of a hundred years ago.

May ethically normal Americans become unified enough to rebuild their lost constitutional republic with the species-mature governance of fully independent, sovereign citizen lawmaking combined with a still-strong but heavily regulated representative government.

DOMINO, DOMINO, DOMINO. Keep unconditional love in your lives -- and let truth, liberty, the rule of law, and the Constitution's renewal and recovery begin.


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