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Bush-Cheney Usurpation: Wounded Beast

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Bush's claim to dictatorial powers as "commander-in-chief" have been shredded by SCOTUS' Hamden v. Rumsfeld decision and Judge Taylor's ACLU v. NSA decision. The two decisions define many of the Usurpation's actions as felony conspiracies against citizen rights -- in violation of 18 USC 241 -- including years of violating the Geneva Conventions and warantless wiretapping against US citizens. Congress is guilty of nonfeasance in not breaking the obvious DOJ obstruction of justice with a new Independent Prosecutor law. We need to force our Congress to create that law. We also need to force a constitutional amendment to meld fully independent citizen lawmaking with our national rep govt so that the Usurpation and its many corruption machines can be ended. Fully independent citizen lawmaking is the only way for us to resolve many of our critical political problems. It's especially needed to abolish and punish the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Bush v. Gore decision -- so that we can prevent the recurrence of any such presidential usurpation in the future.

Things are probably more dangersous now than what they seem. The three branches of the Usurpation's powerful fascist thugs have been wounded. A powerful front shoulder has been shattered, and the two-party beast's immense weight needed all four legs for quick maneuvering.

SCOTUS' Hamden v. Rumsfield, 28 March 2006, and Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's ACLU v. NSA, 17 August 2006, have told the centrists and the left that they have been right all along. Bush's self-claimed powers beyond the Constitution are delusionally fascist and without legal standing. They are, in a word, criminal -- in violation of the Constitution that the fascist mutt vowed to uphold.

Those two important rulings have steeply tilted the Bush-Cheney Usurpation's politics-as-usual tap-dancing platform toward the same legal arena in which centrists and the left ripped Nixon to shreds.

Many of the felonies of the two-party, three-branch, Bush-Cheney Usurpation center on the above-the-law and beyond-the-Constitution arrogation of dictorial power by Bush. Those felonies -- in combination with the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous creation of the Usurpation with SCOTUS' Bush v. Gore in December 2000 -- and Congress' unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous give-away of war powers so that Bush could unconstitutionally declare his very own war of aggression in Iraq -- show a number of truths about whatever the hell it is that is pretending to be our national government.

Hamden and ACLU create a bas relief of Constitution-violating Bush-Cheney crimes. It's now plain for all to see that the Usurpation is more felonies, felons-in-waiting, and criminal accessories-after-the-fact than it is public officials, appointees, judges, and bureaucrats. It is more a collection of fascist thugs in service to the superrich's globalized corporate corruption machines than it is a government of, by, and for we the sovereign people.

Citizen reaction to this criminal government can be dumb indifference, dumber approval, or intelligent anger and rejection. The crys can go out: "Impeach and remove Cheney first" and "Impeach and remove the entire Congressional leadership of both parties for the nonfeasance of not creating an Independent Prosecutor to combat the constant Ashcroft/Gonzales obstruction of justice".

The congressperson's oath of office: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God."

Clearly, that oath does not say, " -- except when dealing with a tyrannical, three-branch usurpation and wanting to keep my job more than wanting to do the right thing for my nation." It does not say, " -- except when my right-wing, fascist ideology has control of Congress, the federal bench, and the White House, and I really want to stick it to the goddamned liberals". It does not say, " -- except when me and the good-ol'-boys are ripping superrich welfare and corporate welfare out of the public monies so that the central banking cabal can print more fiat money and create more unconstitutional public indebtedness with their sneaky, increased-money-supply inflation."

As soon as it was clear, in December 2000, that the Clinton crew was going to stonewall, whitewash, and coverup SCOTUS' unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous elevation of a presidential usurpation, Congress should have forced through a tough new Independent Prosecutor law. Congress' clear obligation to support and defend the Constitution against the presidential usurpation had no other resolution.

Congress is very much a part of the guilty, wounded beast -- and every congressperson knows it. Sorting out the guilty from the innocent will not be difficult. We've never faced doing anything like it before, but it will not be difficult. The felonies are very clear. The lists of co-conspirators in those felonies will be unambiguous.

We need to criminally prosecute and imprison an overwhelming majority of Congress. We need to start with the 373 who voted to violate the Constitution and the 1935 SCOTUS ruling against Congress giving away essential legislative functions -- such as the war powers for the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous invasion of Iraq. That invasion violated our soldiers' constitutional rights to be sent to war only on the expressed order of Congress. The Iraq invasion violated 18 USC 241. Every combat death in Iraq is a felony murder, per 18 USC 241. Congress' 373 co-conspirators face sentences of up to life imprisonment or death, per 18 USC 241.

The wounded beast is out there, but the Usurpation is not going to falter yet, of course. Its opponents and enemies can see that Hamden and ACLU define the Usurpation's gross, wide-spectrum illegality. However, Empire Strassemadchenfuhrer Gonzales has all justice obstructed, and the hapless international community is still stuck with this bunch of fascist thugs holding the powers of American national government.

The Usurpation will go right on doing its three-branch, politics-as-usual tapdances, playing to its servile base. It will go right on anchoring Diebold hack-o-matic vote-counting software in every state in which it has a Republifascist Secretary of State, so that the Empire wins Election 2006 no matter what. It will go right on wrapping up the deals that hand the superrich and their corporate sleaze one obscenely excessive profits package right after another, buried in as much secrecey and public money as is possible.

The budding "North American Union" -- to break down national borders, citizen rights, national currencies, and the people's sovereignty in Mexico, the US, and Canada -- is a prime example. Secrecy and public money are its middle name. The Usurpation and the globalized corporate corruption machines are quick-marching the NAU -- and its central banking cabal, national economies-smashing fiat currency, the "Amero" -- into existence before the sovereign peoples of the three countries have any opportunity to stop it.

For NAU development, see especially the essay, "Bush Administration Fast-Tracks Formation of North American Union", by Jerome R. Corsi, 11 July 2006, on the InfoWars site.

For the central banking cabal globalized corruption machine -- a treason to the sovereign people in every nation within which its partnership with politicians results in its legal counterfeiting of debt-based fiat money and its illegal usury of "fractional reserve banking" -- see especially the essay, "The Fed -- Jekyll Island Monster", 07 July 2006, on this blog.

The Usurpation will go right on attacking every attempt to use Hamden and ACLU to limit the frenetic smashing of the nation for profits and power.

Judge Taylor's ruling is under fire. Everyone can see that her ruling and her reasoning are two different things in this fascist-thug government. Her reasoning is timelessly Constitutional and will stand forever. But her ruling is vulnerable to reversal by the fascist thugs of the Bush-packed 6th Appellate and to a nearly-Bush-packed SCOTUS. And those fascist thugs have a track record of overturning any part of the Constitution whenever they want their class-driven, pro-superrich, pro-corporate-sleaze, pro-predator-politician, anti-ordinary-people, anti-democracy, fascist ideology to win the day.

Chief Fascist Thug Roberts will not have to recuse himself from this one, as he was forced to do in Hamden. Fascist Thug Scalia was undoubtedly rooting for Roberts to pull a Scalia/Cheney tapdance to keep himself in the game. However, Roberts was too transparently involved in the fascist thuggery that was the basis of the Hamden appeal to SCOTUS.

No sense drawing attention to Roberts' appellate ruling felony conspiracy against citizen rights in violation of 18 USC 241. No one has forgotten that felony forfeits judicial immunity. No sense setting up a citizen backlash that might decapitate SCOTUS. After all, Empire Pettifogger-General Gonzales and the Empire Recidivist Congress cannot be expected to hold off a new Independent Prosecutor law indefinitely.

But then, in an act of despicable disloyalty to the hard-won Bush-Cheney Usurpation, its SCOTUS father unleashed Hamden, destroying Bush's beloved dictatorial power. In the background, we could hear Scalia screaming I-told-you-so, and loud gnashings of Roberts' teeth.

So, what happens when the fascist thugs of 6th Appellate or SCOTUS reverse Judge Taylor's ruling? How far will that carry a citizen backlash into a national organization of citizen action groups? What will be the objectives of those CAGs?

It's a volatile situation. There are so many games being played by the Usurpation that the effects of possible reality spikes -- pandemics, super-volcano eruptions, terrorist WMDs hammering many population centers simultaneously, global financial schemes gone bad into global depressions, collapse of the US economy, etc. -- are each one wildly unpredictable.

Additional reality spikes aside, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of this Usurpation have no problem with unconstitutional and illegal operations. They've done those things in multitudes ever since the Bush v Gore decision on 12 December 2000. How much citizen backlash will the Usurpation cause when they make it clear that Bush's powers beyond the Constituton will continue regardless of SCOTUS' Hamden and Judge Taylor's ACLU ?

More importantly, how much will the two-party, three-branch Usurpation stonewall, whitewash, and coverup in the face of citizen backlash? If past performance is any indicator, the Usurpation's SWC ops will continue into infinity.

There are no safety valves readily apparent. The fascist thugs own all the old self-correcting mechanisms of Constitutional governance. All of those mechanizms are disabled, if not dismantled. Unless some safety valve self-actualizes out of some unexpected wingnut segment, this presurizing will run up relentlessly until explosion.

Things are probably getting dangerous now. They know that we know that they know, and vicey-versy.

The first thing to notice is that reversal of Judge Taylor's ruling cannot reverse SCOTUS' Hamden. There is a core agreement between the two rulings concerning the unconstitutionality of Bush's claims to powers beyond the Constitution. An editorial in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "Bush's powers get a needed comeuppance", 18 August 2006, got the analysis just right.

"In language that has broad significance, Taylor dispatched brilliantly the Bush administration argument that it has the constitutional power to do almost anything it wants under Article II, which designates the president commander in chief. That article, Taylor said, makes the president commander of only the armed forces. The American people are not part of the military, and the rights they enjoy under the Constitution are beyond the president's reach."

Clearly, angry centrists will lock focus on the easy-to-perceive unconstitutionality and obviously premeditated criminality of the Bush power claims.

From there, it's easy to imagine that anyone defending the Bush-Cheney Usurpation will be angrily painted with the same criminality -- regardless of whether the defender is executive, legislative, or judicial branch, or corporate sleaze, or medieval religious right zealot, or servile secular wingnut fanatic.

Things are probably getting dangerous now. Everything probably depends on how cerebral and organized the centrists can be. Everything depends on how the centrists handle the coming unconstitutional rulings by 6th Appellate and SCOTUS.

Obviously, intelligent handling by the centrists will mean increasing the Constitution's powers for we the sovereign people. As things stand, the sovereign people are powerless to overturn a SCOTUS-issued, unconstitutional ruling, anti-law regime. Until the people have that power within the Constitution, the superrich and their fascist thugs own us -- as they own SCOTUS, a significant portion of the lower federal bench, Congress, most of the executive branch, most of the main stream media, most of the state legislatures, and most of the Diebold hack-o-matic vote-counting software.

We the sovereign people need a short series of Constitutional amendments to help us end the Usurpation, overturn unconstitutional federal bench precedents crucial to Bush-Cheney, and prevent the immediate take-back of power by the remaining fascist thugs. We need amendments to cover an on-going process of dismantling this criminal Usurpation.

That short series of amendments -- one melding fully independent citizen lawmaking with representative government; a second allowing double majorities in a referendum of the national citizenry to deem a particular federal bench ruling as null and void; and a third defining and penalizing the feasance violations (malfeasance, misfeasance, and misfeasance) by public officials and judges against the Constitution -- will require that the Congress and state legislatures be forced to share power with the sovereign people.

This is a very big deal. Except for Switzerland in the 1800s, no elitism-controlled government -- pure representative government or other -- has ever shared power with its sovereign people. Congress especially may use its two-party co-fascists to be particularly viscious. And, of course, Bush and/or his successors will probably pardon every criminal anything in sight, not after the fact, but in anticipation of any future crimes that might be committed, as the spineless dimwit Ford did for Nixon.

Surprise. We have an ace in the hole with Bush pardons. He is not a president. He is a presidential usurper. Every act that he ever has or ever will perform under color of law as president is null and void. Once we have ended the Usurpation, we can line up his criminals, legally prosecute them, convict them, and imprison them.

Still, we don't know how extreme the fascist thugs will be willing to make this fight, or how unbroken their front will be against the sovereign people. This could be the fight of our lives -- with a bloody civil-war/revolution on the horizon. Be forewarned, I always say. As A.E. Hausman has it, "While sun and moon endure, luck's a chance, but trouble's sure. I'd face it as a wise man would -- train for ill, not for good."

The more we know about constitutional republican governance principles, the more likely it is that we will deflect a bloody fight with the entrenched power underpinning the Usurpation's extremism and fanaticism. We will lose too much in a bloody civil-war/revolution, and not gain one iota more than we can in a peaceful revolution.

This is a time for reading about and discussing the principles of good governance. It's a time for organizing nationwide. It is not a time for self-indulgent crap.

Do something. Start today, please.


Recommended reading for centrists and the left:

"Principles of Tyranny", by Jon Roland, on the Constitution Society's site. "To understand the principles of constitutional republican government, one must understand the principles of its opposite". Roland's timeless principles of tyranny, written in 2000, read like an insightful description of the three-branch Bush-Cheney Usurpation politics of the past five-plus years.

"Abuses and Usurpations", a collection of five essays on the Constitution Society's site. "It is a fundamental principle that all acts of officials not derived from the delegated powers of the constitution are null and void from inception, not just from the point at which a court may find them unconstitutional." That fundamental principle applies to the Bush v. Gore elevation of Bush to presidential usurper, as well as to every action of his done under color of law since 12 December 2000. See especially the essay, "Law and Anti-Law", one of the five in this collection.

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