Thursday, June 29, 2006

Congress & Corporate Welfare

Joint session of the Reichscongressamt© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

New anti-welfare rules will go into effect in October. The welfare rolls will be reduced dramatically. Millions more will be driven into deep poverty. Millions more poor children will lose their mental potential to malnutrition, increasing the pool of the corporate-zombie and prison inmate labor forces for decades. Prison-running corporation stocks are already skyrocketing. Deep poverty is good for business.

Predator elitists everywhere are cheering the 4th Reich's Congress for their vision under the Bush-Cheney leadership.

Once again, the 4th Reich has cut costs and increased profits for the superrich, corporate hierarchies, and national-level politicians. Corporate welfare is at its highest level in recorded history. The Reichscongressamt gave itself another pay raise just last week -- richly deserved.

The Bush-Cheney Usurpation's super-voo-doo economics continues to make steady progress, driving more of the loser-poor and loser-middle-class into the abyss on the far side of the superrich. Social Darwinism is vindicated daily in the 4th Reich.

A strong superrich is a strong nation. Sporatic Congress-in-unison shouts of "Bring 'em on", referring to the nation's external and internal enemies, are now heard throughout the working day on Capitol Hill. As long as we have a strong superrich, nothing can touch us. Any Goths or heathen, crusading Muslims at our gates will be crushed. Impoverished Americans will always be a strong army for their superrich benefactors.

The special theatre staged by the Reichscongressamt to keep impoverished Americans happy with their lot in life can be seen in the Reichsmediaamt's publications throughout the country. For example, in yesterday's "New welfare rules designed to reduce rolls", by Richard Wolf of USA Today, losers everywhere learn how their selfless Congressional leaders struggled for five long years before they could pass the new anti-welfare rules.

In the photo above, Republifascist leaders are seen last year, congratulating their co-fascist wing of Democrats for solidarity on the new anti-welfare rules.

The Reichscongressamt's commission/omission track record on legislation for pro-Empire, pro-secrecy, pro-superrich, pro-privatization, pro-national-debt, pro-hard-science-suppression, pro-global-warming, pro-outsourcing, pro-PNAC, pro-war, pro-war-profiteering, pro-torture, pro-rights-killing, pro-citizen-surveillance, pro-justice-obstruction, pro-education-suppression, pro-911-truth-suppression, pro-tobacco-death-industry, and pro-pharmaceutical-death-industry subjects can no longer be questioned.

The Bush-Cheney Usurpation takes great pride in the loyalty and devotion of the Reichscongressamt.

All that negative and abusive rhetoric from irresponsible alt media and blogger sites about out-sourcing our wonderful politicians, corporate executives, and media mouthpieces to North Korea, Iran, and Haiti is exactly the kind of terrorist threat that we must kill wherever we find it. All three branches of the 4th Reich are working diligently to ensure that dissent is criminalized before Election 2006, when our glorious Reichsdieboldamt will once again deliver the votes that keep our superrich strong.

Sieg heil. Mission accomplished. Sieg heil.


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