Thursday, June 08, 2006

CA-50 -- 1st Netroots Strategy Failure

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

CA-50 back to the Repubs.

Playing out the Dem/netroots politics-as-usual strategy, with nothing radical said or done to impinge the good names of the treasonous Republican Party or treasonous Vichy Democrats, is now an established LOSER.

Waving sniff-sniff hankies at Repub "ethics lapses" does not fire up the millions of withdrawn, unregistered voters. Milquetoast "get the vote out" registration drives only drive the withdrawn further underground. And this "special election" to replace a convicted Republifascist felon -- Duke-a-rooney-dooney Cunningham, what a great-good ol' boy -- was as easy a motivation as possible to bring out a landslide of unregistered voters. The ever-waffling Democratic Party will not see any easier a voter registration situation from here to the other side of Election 2006. Blow off the unregistered AND let Bilbray define the major issue as illegal immigrants? The massiveness of the political incompetence reaches parsecs off-planet.

The Repubs went into the Bilbray win with a 15 percentage-point edge in voter registrations. What?

Did anyone in the Dem/netroots camp dig out the numbers for how many unregistered voters there were in San Diego county ahead of yesterday's election? Did anyone worry about why the Busby campaign wasn't bringing out a landslide of new registrations?

Did a clue glimmer in the back-brains of the Dem/netroots political operatives that the DIEBOLD HACK-O-MATIC SYSTEMS MIGHT BE A PROBLEM?

The Diebold hack-o-matics counted 100 percent of the votes in San Diego county yesterday. The progressive blogs that address the issue and CNN's Lou Dobbs want Diebold shut down. Big deal. The national despotism has the power of the Machiavellian HAVA. The despotism's DOJ thugs swarmed all over San Diego county polling places yesterday to make sure that the Diebold hack-o-matics were everywhere.

How many polling places have to be touch-screen hack-o-matics with no paper trails for the Rove White House to win CA-50 for Bilbray by 4 percentage points?

Did a clue glimmer in the back-brain of Dem/netroots political operatives that polling places with touch-screen hack-o-matics were probably lost anywhay? And that the voter registration had to be massive for the polling places with paper-trail machines? Just to off-set the Repub hacks sure to happen on the touch-screen machines?

If such a clue did glimmer, it was udoubtedly dismissed. Mustn't think bad thoughts. Strategy dictated that nothing radical enough to bring out the unregistered would be said or done. Strategy dictated that this contest would be played politics-as-usual by some twisted code of the Dem/netroots being a loyal opposition.

There would be no dwelling on the Bush-Cheney USURPATION of the presidency in December 2000, or on the usurpation's felony conspiracy against citizen rights -- to have a president elected in accord with the Constitution -- in violation of 18 USC 241. Mustn't point out that felony forfeits all immunities -- judicial, executive, and legislative. Mustn't go around calling the Supreme Court a pack of unconstitutional felons-in-waiting. Mustn't point out that Clinton-Gore, their AG, and a bunch of their DOJ hierarchy are co-conspirators in this felony, deserving ten years in federal prison. Mustn't point out that the Bush-Cheney usurpation makes all Bush-Cheney actions done under the color of law null and void, beginning with 10 December 2000 and continuing right through today.

Mustn't point out that the invasion of Iraq was unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous -- beginning with its felony conspiracy in violation of 18 USC 241 against our soldiers' rights to be sent to war only on the expressed order of Congress. Mustn't point out that there's nothing in the Constitution that allows Congress to give away its specifically-assigned war powers to a president. Mustn't point out that the president was not given war powers in the Constitution for many damned good reasons. Mustn't point out that the co-conspirators in this felony conspiracy against rights includes 373 senators and members of Congress, Bush-Cheney, many minions, many generals and admirals, and one lower-court federal judge.

Mustn't make the unconstitutionally-waged Iraq war, the lies that drove it into existence, its war crimes and crimes against humanity, its torture/murder gulag, or its unbelievably vile war profiteering any sort of issue whatever. Might turn off the voters.

Oh,no -- wrong strategy. Don't do anything to turn off the voters.

We'll just pretend that everything within the massively criminal Bush-Cheney despotism and the massively criminal Repub culture of corruption and corporate sleaze is on the up-and-up. Just politics as usual. No worries. Just get out the vote and vote for our candidate.

Just vote this whole freaking 2-party, 3-branch, corporate-sleaze CORRUPTION right back into the national disgrace of our nation.

Whew. The bullshit coefficient is way up there. And the unregistered are sharp enough to know it. Back to the rabbit holes. Nothing up here worth fighting for. Back to the crack and meth. Back to the raves. Back to the slice of the pie that didn't get away.


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