Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Clinton's Co-Fascist Wingnuts

Thus Spoke ClintonSleaze
  • Lieberman goes back to the Senate. Diebold by-God guarantees it. And I'm out here to cover for what Diebold's gonna do to the schmucks in Connecticut. Just win, baby. Just win.

  • Joe Lieberman was there for us when it was time to get the war on the road AND when it was time to get womens-liberties-shredding Sam Alito into SCOTUS. We by-God promised that Diebold would reelect every good co-fascist Democrat who was there for us, and we won't by-God let Joe Lieberman down.

  • Laissez faire and war profiteering experts from the Bilderbergers' central banking cabal to Paul "The $9-Billion-Dollar Man" Brenner are cheering for Joe Lieberman. Our evangelical and anti-abortion wingnuts will make Joe Lieberman a demi-god when Roe v. Wade goes down.

  • Democratic Party servile and Diebold's Primary machinery will see to it that Joe Lieberman stays a Democrat. We sure don't want him out there running around like an independent chicken with his head cut off.

  • I love the Bush-Cheney Usurpation. Just look what they've done for the New American Century. What's a bunch of dead grunts and ragheads when the Empire is in the money?

  • Even when the lawyers told me in December 2000 that the whole Usurpation is a straightforward unconstitutional anti-law regime and felony conspiracy against rights, and that I could go to prison for ten years as a co-conspirator if I didn't stop it, I still said, oh, hell no, I won't make the call. If it's good enough for SCOTUS, it's by-God good enough.

  • Just seven more years and the statute of limitations takes me off the hook of that damned 18 USC 241. Odds are way heavy on my side that the schmucks will never get it. I'm set here on Easy Street for life. I'm a by-God ex-president and senior statesman -- laughing all the way to the bank.

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006


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