Monday, July 31, 2006

Bush Wants "Sustainable Peace"

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Bush wants a "sustainable peace" in the Mideast. This has been a steady-on demand of his from the beginning of the current Israeli rape-murder of Lebanon and its citizens. Warmaker Front-Surrogate Rice, of course, is the perfect mindless mirror for reflecting this childish, transparent sophistry.

There can be nothing genuine in Bush's "sustainable peace". He's demonstrated from the beginning of his usurpation of the US presidency that he is a depraved warmaker and war profiteer. He's obviously working all the Israeli angles to widen his Mideast warmaking into an oil-grabbing conflagration with Syria and Iran.

Sustainable peace? Just who the hell gets to decide whether a peace is sustainable? Just who the hell gets to decide that some peace attained is to be rejected because it is not sustainable? This knee-jerk liar and ethical moron who has twice usurped the US presidency? This fascist proto-dictator who lied his nation into a war of aggression and who has secretly set up a worldwide torture-murder gulag? This constitutional criminal and felon-in-waiting who ordered the undeclared war in Iraq and who is now guilty of the felony murders of over 2,578 US soldiers, countless crimes against humanity, and countless mass-murder war crimes?

This treasonous, warmaking criminal is the decider of peace?


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