Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bush Shits On Open Mike

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

As he sat talking through chewing mouthfuls of monochrome food -- reminding some observers of a cement mixer with audio -- Presidential Usurper & Despot GW Bush twisted his Americanese around a well-placed "shit".

It was well-placed because U&D Bush needed a word whose meaning would transcend meaning and project the whole statement into the gibberish of sophistry. He also needed a word that would instantly inflame his twitish liberal opponents, causing them to lose sight of his dangerous, pre-invasion sophistry concerning Syria.

It was Monday 17 July in the St.Petersburg off-season, inside the G8's war-zone anti-demonstrator perimeter-in-depth, and Bush was hot to stump for invading Syria. He handled the transcendental projection admirably well, except for throwing in an unrehearsed and bizarre notion of "irony".

"See, the irony is that what they need to do is to get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit, and it's over," Bush told Blair during their accidently open-mike discussion.

Sure enough, the lib-prog media and and their millions of little twits just went crazy over the shit-word, missing the dangerous warmaking propaganda by a country mile. Syria doesn't control Hezbollah. Every bit of evidence we have shows that Hezbollah cannot be controlled by any one or group of governments.

Analyists, of course, are not wasting their time trying to understand Bush's twist on "irony". There simply is no understanding anything so distant from the proper useage of a word.

Instead, most of them spend consideradble time compiling all of the sophisms stacked against Syria and Iran since Bush-Cheney installed an update of Rumfeld's "Office of Special Plans", the lash-up of intelligence amatuers and political hacks that got the Iraq war off to such a good start.

The updated version is called the "Office of Iranian Affairs", with a Cheney daughter in charge as chief political hack. It's one of her many duties -- most involving the doling out of Mid East contracts -- as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, a job created for her in March 2002.

Bush does not miss an opportunity to blame Syria or Iran for anything that might possibly become grounds for his next invasion. He is especially good at catching opportunities based on depravities which he himself has committed recently. It's just a little baby step from "somebody should get Syria to stop Hezbollah" -- an impossiblity -- to "get the US to stop Iraqi Shia'ites from making civil war" -- a depravity for which Bush is directly responsible.

Iraqi war profits are winding down. Bush and his good ol' boys need a new cash cow. It's now clear to Bush's oil buddies that they might not get oil up over $150 per barrel without another war, and they obviously are complaining very bitterly.

In the end, of course, Bush is a lot like the elephant hiding in the cherry tree. He is not a president, he is a presidential usurper who gained office in an unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous conspiracy that began with a bunch of fascist thugs masquerading as SCOTUS judges.

Everything that he has done under color of law since 10 December 2000 is null and void AND a huge series of felony conspiracies against our laws, especially 18 USC 241, which defines combat deaths in the unconstitutionally-waged war of aggression in Iraq as felony murder. Felony forfeits all immunities -- judicial, legislative, and executive.

Criminal prosecutions have been stoppered since December 2000 only by the DOJ's obstruction of justice and accessory-after-the-fact protections. As the felonies lay now, Bush-Cheney and about a thousand of their staffers, appointees, agency civilians, and military war dogs, as well as at least 373 of the Criminal Congress, and at least ten of the federal bench's fascist thugs are treasonous constitutional criminals and felons-in-waiting whose only rightful place is in federal prison. When we finally do get to the criminal prosecutions of this fascist despotism, done fairly, they will make the Nurenberg trials look like a Sunday School picnic.

Meanwhile, the MSM editors remain clueless about the thin ice they're on. Chicago Tribune editors published an editorial yesterday titled, "Profane but true". Its author(s) want you to believe that Syria's control of Hezbollah is certainty and truth its very own self.

Here we sit, watching the usurper, one of history's all-time liars, who obviously wants to get into a war with Syria/Iran, propagandizing that the Syrian government can control Hezbollah. Clearly, the assumption is a sophistry waved around by the usurper and his warmaker surrogates for warmaking purposes.

War with Syria is coming. Gott mit uns. Bush has the vision and he will lead. Bush is the true and only decider. Bush decides what's best for everyone, and to hell with the economy, New Orleans, the NAACP convention, and anyone who is not positioned to profit from war.

Despite the elephant hiding in the cherry tree and his inevitable Nurenberg-like prosecution, there go the Chicago Trib editors, jogging along behind the PNAC-Neocon wagon, trying their best to jump on.

Oh, yeah, oh, yeah -- the most depraved Liar-In-Chief in US history is really telling the truth this time. Uh-huh, Uh-huh. It's all on Syria to control Hezbollah. In profanity, veritas forever. Georgie-boy forever and ever. Amen, and slow down that shit wagon.


Chicago Tribune blog -- The Swamp, "Frank Talk: Bush and Blair", posted by Mark Silva, Monday 17 July 2006 at 6:20am CDT. Silva's post gives what appears to be a complete transcript of the open-mike dialog between Bush and Blair.

Chicago Tribune Editorial, "Profane but true", Tue 18 July 2006.

(Modified Wed 19 July 2006 at 1:30pm CDT.)


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