Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Are Democratic Party Politicians Carbon-Based Lifeforms?

Image by Dyson, The Age, Australia.
Recent revelations demonstrate that the Democratic Party politicians have acted in concert to ignore the Bush-Cheney Three-Branch Regime's catalog of anti-Constitutional felonies and treasons against citizen rights. Our intrepid reporter, Dudley Doright, has intercepted a top-secret RNC video that shows the early life of politician lifeforms, which are later separated into the Democratic and Republican parties.

The video clearly shows how American politicians for both national and state governments are spawned by silicon-based aliens into a carbon-based ooze. After developing compound eyes and mouth-parts, they are released into cesspools deep in vaults at the Bank of England and the Bank of Japan, where they feed on animal feces for many years.

As they ascend the cessool's food-chain, they inculcate the felonious and treasonous usury that central bankers have camouflaged with corrupt national governments since 1694. When they reach a sufficiency of usury inculcation --indicated by the development of thoracic segments, two stout tails, and claws at the end of each of their six legs -- they are transferred to the many cesspools of the Federal Reserve system.

While continuing their training in the dank accounting vaults of Federal Reserve banks, they undergo decades of plastic surgery.

When they look almost human, they are released into the American political-party and electoral system. By this time, of course, they have demonstrated as a class that they will follow orders to defend the Federal Reserve's treasons, the sacred corruption machines of the superrich, and their fellow politician lifeforms to the death.

As Dudley's article continues, it becomes clear that the mature, silicon-based politician lifeform can be easily identified by its constant greed, its constant anti-Constitutional governance, and its constant willingness to butcher ordinary Americans for profit and power.

Dudley concludes that the superrich have recently surged the politician lifeform population after decades of astute preparation. Their growing of infectious and divisive belief systems has now almost completely cocooned the American people. The cocoon-resident insanity of cognative dissonance -- facts and related truth statements crashing and burning against reality-warping belief systems -- now means that the majority of Americans will remain paralytically cocooned forever.

The superrich have attained globalized nirvana. They owe it all to silicon-based politician lifeforms and American financial, political, and religious belief systems superfluous to political reality.

© 2007 by Stephen Neitzke


At 5/06/2007 2:57 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

So that's IT. Well even they can be impeached and it is high time to impeach the lying greedy characters who have bought and manipulated their way into politics. We can do it and the time is NOW. Bruce Eggum

At 5/10/2007 9:33 AM, Blogger Stephen Neitzke said...

bruce --

IMHO, it's too late for impeachment thinking. The Democratic Party is just another name for Republinazis. The politicians have shown clearly that they will not govern in accord with our Constitution, laws, or rule of law. No matter how much they talk about impeachment, it is clear that they will not do it.

Our needs are not with impeachment and removal in any event. We need the Bush usurpation made null and void from 20 January 2000. And we need criminal prosecutions for every criminal in the Bush=Cheney 3-branch regime.

Seriously organized, national citizen action groups, attacking the massively failed status quo from the state level up, is the only remedy that will work. Every other possible remedy is pre-blocked by the governing and financial elites -- especially impeachment.

Please re-read my "Open Letter To Susan", and add to "Unity America" a nationally organized jury nullification program (to block the unconstitutional rulings of both state and federal judges).

A modified "Unity America" program is needed not only as a proper reform platform, but as a safety valve to prevent us from going into a new French Revolution. Although there are times, I must admit, when a Reign of Terror, with its approx 3200 guillotined aristocrats, seems preferable to what we have now.


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