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Demofascists At The Helm

1942 anti-fascist war-effort poster© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006 [1385 words].

On January 20, 2001, GW Bush usurped the presidency of the United States. He was given that usurpation by the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous actions of SCOTUS after their felonious assumption of jursidiction in Bush v. Gore, which they decided unconstitutionally, feloniously, and treasonously on 12 December 2000.

It was the single most-illegal decision ever made by SCOTUS. It defined the entire Court as a pack of fascist thugs.

Bush v. Gore violated the Constitution' Article 2, section 1, paragraph 2. It also violated federal statute 18 USC 241 -- felony conspiracy against rights. By the provisions of 18 USC 241, the SCOTUS judges, if convicted, face fines, up to ten years imprisonment, and the possibility of the death penalty -- if their part in the usurpation conspiracy is extended to the unconstitutional war of aggression in Iraq, where every US soldier's death is a felony murder under 18 USC 241, and/or if the usurpation conspiracy is extended to the deaths of detainees, under 18 USC 2441, in the torture/murder Gulag clearly ordered by Bush.

The Constitutional violation stems from the Court's taking away the Florida state legislature's right to appoint the state's electors. The statute violation results from the Court denying the right of all Americans to have a president who is elected in accord with the Constitution.

The Court's violation of the Constitution and their violation of their oath to protect citizen rights as expressed in the Constitution is a straightforward treason, already established in law by verdicts given in the case of the secessionist state legislators in the 1860s.

Conclusively, the SCOTUS beginnings of the usurpation conspiracy have had far-reaching, internationally murderous, and nationally devastating consequences. Arguably, the SCOTUS thugs share the responsibility for everything unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous that has happened as a result of the usurpation conspiracy.

The catalog of Bush's crimes against the Constitution, the statutes, and the American people since 20 January 2001 would have been unimaginable to any ethically normal American prior to the Bush usurpation. Despite that fact, it is clear that most, if not all, of those crimes were planned well in advance of the actual usurpation.

It has been clear to all ethically normal Americans for years that Bush's impeachment and removal is just the beginning of the justice that the American people deserve. Many of those, perhaps a majority of those, expected that the impeachment and removal of Bush would be part of the Democratic Party's takeover of Congress, if and when that takeover occurred.

The takeover has happened. And now the American people find that we have only replaced Republinazis with Demofascists at the helm.

This is a responsible use of the term, 'fascism', in combination with 'Democrats'. The Bush-Cheney fascist regime has been populated by the DNC and most of its powerful minions since January 2001. The evidence of that is everywhere we look in the political history of the past six years. The self-evident features of the regime's fascism number at least 26, arguably many more. And then there are the many millions of individuals within the civil society whose ignorance, political stupidity, and greed make them servile fascists in service to the regime and its fictional, failed status quo.

"... As with German and Italian fascism in the early 20th Century, the Bush-Cheney Usurpation is pure fascism. It demonstrates a strong-man leader, extreme secrecy, controlled media, fraudulent elections, judicial rulings clearly violating the Constitution, negation of the rule of law by all three branches of government, obstruction of justice for political and corporate leaders, the making of ex post facto law to immunize political and corporate leaders from past crimes, redefinition of established law for corruption and ideological purposes, redefinition of commonly understood language terms to avoid legal retribution (e.g., 'torture' to mean only treatment resulting in severe organ damage or death, and 'terrorist surveillance' to mean the interception of any communication or bank activity done by US citizens), the making of unconstitutional law to limit rights, suppression of Constitutional rights for profits and power, misuse of policy and law for unstated intentions, cronyism and corruption, sham national security obsessions, warmaking for profits and power, supremacy of the military, sham nationalism for the masses while leadership creates policy to benefit the transnational and stateless superrich, hard science made politically relative, anti-intellectualism outside the political and corporate elites, suppression of critical thinking in public education, intermixing of government and religion, enemies and scapegoats obsessions, destruction of undesirable minority population and cultural centers (e.g., Warsaw ghetto and New Orleans), male chauvinism and suppression of women's rights, and corporation protection extremes including lassez faire economic policy and suppression of labor's rights and power.

"Fascism is not only a form of absurd, predator elitism governance, it is a national trait. Just as there was something inherently fascist about significant numbers of early 20th Century Germans and Italians, so there is something inherently fascist about significant numbers of late 20th and early 21st Century Americans. History will damn the American people for their fascism and fascist war crimes just as it damns the German and Italian peoples for theirs."

-- From "Homegrown American Fascists", 05 September 2006, on this blog

Too many Americans are too ignorant of what their national govt actually does. Most think that the national govt does what it is supposed to do, as described by the 1950's middleschool civics texts. It's an ignorance reinforced by money-power's parasitic media and by the predator politicians at every jurisdictional level in the country. The servile are rooted in ignorance of governmental realities by the machinations of those who hold power and gain profits from holding power.

Ignorance of what the national govt actually does is so pervasive that bought-out, sold-out fascist nobodies such as Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers can say that Bush's impeachment is "off the table", and the servile say, "Uh-huh, uh-huh, well, if you guys think so, then that's how our great democratic government should work".

But this is not a "bi-partisan" determination of no impeachment. It is a unified fascism determination of no impeachment -- unified across Republinazi and Demofascist labels. The fascism within the labels is a simple unity, a simple identity. It's all one fascism.

And it's all in service to the superrich who control domestic policy through the treasonous central banking of the Federal Reserve and foreign policy through the Bank of International Settlements and its international cabal of central bankers.

Needless to say, the Dems' fascism and rejection of Bush's impeachment is totally acceptable to the ignorant servile. And, of course, it's totally acceptable to the fascist superrich class-race elite, the corporate fascists, and the fascist central bankers. And, of course, it's totally acceptable to the three-branch fascist despotism that is masquerading as our national govt, with its little fascist nobodies such as Bush and Cheney, Scalia and Roberts, Conyers and Pelosi.

The only ones who do not find the fascist no-impeachment to be acceptable are the stubborn patriots who want the three-branch fascist despotism to give back our constitutional republic/democracy.

The fact that the stubborn patriots are an overwhelming majority in this country is of no consequence to the fascists -- in and out of govt. It's certainly of no concern to the little fascist nobodies such as Conyers and Pelosi.

So it's a no Bush impeachment lead-off for the Demofascist-controlled Congress.

In short order, we can expect to see nothing done about:
  1. the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the most unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous legislation ever passed by an American Congress -- a piece of legislation whose instant felonies on Bush's signing forfeited the legislative immunity of all Congresspersons who voted for its passage, as well as the executive immunity of the fascist usurper mutt who signed it, not into law, but into an unconstitutional anti-law regime,

  2. the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Real ID Act of 2005, snuck in as a rider on a war-funding bill so that the people would not have time to object, and a huge advancement of the police state needed to cement the 3-branch fascist despotism's power,

  3. the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous North American Union, hushed in the media, secretively being developed away from the public's observation, and an even hugher advancement of the police state needed to cement the 3-branch fascist despotism's power,

  4. a tough new Independent Prosecutor law needed to break the obstructions of justice that are employed by Gonzales' DOJ for the protection of all the criminal fascist players in the 3-branch fascist despotism,

  5. the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Federal Reserve System that has deeply damaged our country for the 93 years since 1913, and now is in a postion to utterly destroy us,

  6. the fraudulently ratified 16th Amendment of 1913, with its unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous personal income tax couched in the too-vague provisions of the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Title 26 of the US Code.

  7. the Bush tax cuts and related economy-wrecking financial policies,

  8. the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous USA Patriot Act of 2001

Demofascists at the helm.

All hail the 3-branch fascist despotism.

Fascism forever.

Or until the stubborn patriots figure out how to play smash-mouth politics. And how to kill fascists -- figuratively speaking, of course, at first.

For smash-mouth politics, see the "Unity America" action plan in "Open Letter to Susan", 13 September 2006, on this blog.

For fascist-media-smoothed Conyers and Pelosi no-impeachment stories, see: For where the Demofascist corruption machine fits into the 3-branch fascist despotism that is masquerading as our national govt, see Aaron Russo's film, "America: Freedom to Fascism". Free-per-view online. 1 hour, 49 minutes of political reality that will disgust every ethically normal American who has not already seen it.

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At 11/12/2006 4:40 PM, Blogger libhom said...

Democrats never lead. They only follow. Here is an action you can take to support impeachment.

At 11/12/2006 5:30 PM, Blogger Stephen Neitzke said...

Right -- we should sit on our hands and holler like hell for the Demofascists to follow us.

How about we try smash-mouth politics until all of the systemic problems that put Bush into his usurpation are eliminated, until all the critical problems that the fascists have slammed us with for the past two decades are resolved by fully independent sovereign citizen lawmaking, and until we can prevent the recurrence -- ever -- of any future 3-branch fascist despotism?


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