Saturday, September 16, 2006

Americans Fail To Keep Republic

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

Civil society: dominated by historical ignorance, political indifference and incompetence, stupidity, and greed -- rejects need to organize National CAG (citizens action group), and remains fragmented, easy mark for predators' corruption machines.

National govt: 1-party, 3-branch, presidential usurpation and fascist despotism with massive support from civil society for the unconstitutional, treasonous, felony murders of US soldiers in Iraq under 18 USC 241, plus an international torture-murder gulag, in violation of the Constitution's fundamental law of the Geneva Conventions, involving felony murders of detainees under 18 USC 2441.

Constitution: made FUBAR by presidential usurper Bush, executive branch agencies under both Clinton and Bush, Congress, federal judges, the Federal Reserve, the superrich, and the Business Roundtable CEOs.

Rule of law: FUBAR.

Citizen rights: FUBAR

War dead since 1775: dishonored and disgraced by Constitution-killing and warmaker fascist govt and fascist civil society.

Election 2006: Republicratic Fascist Party of America and Empire Central Banking Ministry already throwing celebration party for Election 2006 win by Diebold hack-o-matic software. Bill "we talk pussy" Clinton appointed Party toastmaster-for-life by the Great Usurper Bush himself.

North American Union: launch of the new-nation "United Corporations of Canusmex" now set forward to 01 December 2006, just in time for the Christmas rush. Usurper Bush and the NAU's Ministry for the Superrich expect you to shop til you drop.


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