Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bank Data for Bush-Cheney

Ashcroft mis-uses anti-terrorist monies to create and fund an anti-dissident police riot at the Miami, FL, demonstrations against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), November 2003.© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

We've known five things about Bush-Cheney policy doctrines from near the beginning of their presidential usurpation.

(1) We've known that they lie about nearly everything. (2) We've known that they are psychopathic personalities, commonly misusing and abusing policy doctrine to gain objectives that are unstated, unconstitutional, and illegal, with no conscience for who is harmed in the process. (3) We've known that they put billionaires first, multi-millionaires second, and everybody else dead last. (4) We've known that extreme secrecy overlays everything they do, especially when public knowledge of what they're doing will immediately expose their treasonous unconstitutionalities and felony conspiracies against the rights of citizens in violation of federal statute, 18 USC 241. (5) We've known that Bush and his minions posture him as a commander-in-chief dictator who is above the law -- who is the law, by virtue of his self-proclaimed and phony war on carbunkles, unfriendly journalists, and terrorism -- making everything he does legitimate, no matter how treasonous, unconstitutional, and felonious his actions are to mere mortals and their irrelevant law.

Now -- given those certainties, why would anyone believe that the Bush-Cheney data-mining of national and international bank records is an innocent investigation of terrorist activities?

Given the no-oversight secrecy of the bank-data-mining operation -- and the partnering of Bush-Cheney's treaonous, constitutionally criminal, and felony-overloaded usurpation with international banking, one of the most corrupt industries in the history of man -- we have no way of knowing the extremes of illegality that Bushco and the bankers might have gone to.

We can suppose that bank-data-mining would be helpful to a genuine hunt for terrorists. But Bushco went to war in non-terrorist Iraq, largely, we suspect, to do anything to keep from finding bin Laden, while raking in the oil and war profits. Does Bush really have a $100,000 bounty out on anyone who accidently captures or kills bin Laden?

While bank-data-mining information might be helpful to terrorist-hunting, we know with certainty that the same information would be helpful to multi-billion-dollar corporations whose sleaze want to crush up-and-coming competitors. We know with certainty that bank data is one of the holy grails of corporate espionage. And we know with certainty that Bush-Cheney wouldn't hesitate for a micro-second to help their multi-billion-dollar corporate sleaze buddies against the rabble of lesser corporate sleaze.

What was the question again?

Here's a lollipop. Go play in your little sandbox. The big Empire fascists have imporatant work to do.


Update, Friday 30 June 2006, 9:00am CDT

Yesterday, the US House of Fascist Thugs voted to condemn media sources who "leaked" information about the Usurper's five-year-old, treasonous, unconstitutional, and felony conspiracy operation to invade the personal privacy rights of Americans who do any business with banks. The vote was 227-183, with 17 Demofascist Treason Party thugs voting with the Republifascist Treason Party thugs.

None of the 17 Demofascist Treason Party thugs should ever again be elected to anything in this country.

This condemnation vote was the last straw for me. I'm now completely irrational about the Criminal Congress. The only news I want to hear about those rat-sucking, treasonous bastards concerns their imprisonments, executions, and corpses.

The American people should have available a petition titled, "Condemnation of the Treasonous, Unconstitutional, and Felony Conspiracy Activities of the US Congress".

The text of the petiton should list those blatantly criminal activities that we know about. Under their vote to unconstitutionally give unconstitutional war powers to Usurper Bush for his unconstitutional invasion orders of Iraq, we should make clear that we intend to pursue criminal prosecution of every assenting Congressional co-conspirator -- all 373 of them -- under 18 USC 241 for the felony murder of our soldiers in Iraq, and that we will pursue the maximum penalty given in that law for all convicted co-conspirators -- the death penalty. Felony murder forfeits legislative immunity.

Next, we the sovereign people should do whatever is necessary to rid ourselves of HAVA and the Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia treasons. Every product ever made or marketed by Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia should be destroyed outright. Back to paper ballots.

The Republican Party should be diselected into nonexistence in Election 2006.

As soon as practicable after Election 2006, we the sovereign people should get into a well-protected 2nd NCC (national constitutional convention), in which we end the Bush-Cheney Fascist Usurpation, rip its laws out of our legal fabric, rip its federal bench fascist thugs out of their jobs, heavily regulate executive branch agencies, meld an optimum system of direct democracy to a still-strong but heavily regulated representative government so that nothing even remotely resembling Bush-Cheney can ever again be perpetrated against us, and completely dismantle corporate sleaze corruption in every industry, local, national, and global.

For a starting point in rep govt regulation, see especially, "Bush-Cheney Trainwreck -- Undo", part two, "Renewal Objectives and Interactive Tools", 17 May 2006, on this blog.


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