Friday, December 07, 2007

Specter's Ex Post Facto Telecom Compromise

Arlen Specter, pillar of the Republinazi community in the US Criminal Senate, has stepped forward with a brave new piece of predator elitism dogshit. It's soft and gooey, stinks to high heaven, and is loaded with dangerous political pathogens. The Republinazi community intends that the American people eat their big bowls of Specter dogshit.

Republinazis and Demofascists everywhere are, of course, trumpeting Specter's piece of dogshit as the Great Compromise in the telecom immunity controversy.

The fact that Specter's solution makes the US government the defendant in the telecom-related lawsuits means many courtroom advantages for the telecoms. But the primary advantage is that any fines and penalties adjudged by the courts will be paid in tax-payer dollars, not telecom dollars.

Here's your bowl, sucker. Eat up.

And don't forget that zero-accountability for corporate criminals is a big-money business for Congressional criminals. They must already have kick-back dollar signs spinning in their eye-ball sockets. This is war-chest farming writ large. And the telecom industry has very deep pockets.

Specter's Great Compromise is just a more-twisted ex post facto law. It does not ordain blanket immunity for the corporate criminals who conspired with the criminal Bush regime to violate the Constitution and felony conspiracy laws. However, Specter's solution would be ex post facto law nonetheless. It retroactively changes the legal status of facts and relationships that existed at the time of the felonious warrantless wiretapping. Pure ex post facto, baby.

There is no telecom immunity controversy. There is no such thing as legal retroactive immunity for crimes already committed. Any immunity for them is anti-Constitutional and felonious.

Those responsible for the telecoms' criminal violation of citizen personal privacy rights and 18 USC 241 -- Bush, Cheney, White House staff, DOJ staff, and NSA staff included -- should be criminally prosecuted, given a fair trial, convicted, and imprisoned for up to ten years -- as specified in 18 USC 241, felony conspiracy against citizen rights.

In the meantime, federal lawsuits should rip the telecoms apart financially and deliver their infrastructures into the hands of people who can be expected to conduct communications business in accord with our Constitution and laws. Clearly, the people now doing business through the telecom infrastructures cannot be trusted to change their evil ways.


© 2007 by Stephen Neitzke


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