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Sacrificing Back To The Constitution

We the people are clueless. We're still trying to elect better Democrats, who will be one spit in the whole deep and wide ocean of anti-Constitutional corruption machines. Expecting significant change through political party politics is unreasonable and irresponsible. You can't give away your political responsibility to a corruption machine run by fascist thugs and expect Constitutional governance.


Lyrics from "American Anthem":

All that we’ve been given
By those who came before,
The dream of a nation
Where freedom would endure.
The work and prayers of centuries
Have brought us to this day,
What shall be our legacy,
What will our children say?
Let them say of me,
I was one who believed in sharing
The blessings I received.
Let me know in my heart
When my days are through,
America, America, I gave my best to you.
America, America, I gave my best to you.

It was a Norah Jones haunting melody in the background of horrific battle scenes in Ken Burns' "The War". Most of those I asked later didn't remember having heard the song.

For me, dreams swirled through it for several nights. Not specific lyrical phrases one after the other, of course. But the lilt of Norah Jones' remarkable voice hitting the first 'America', humming through the second, and then tailing off into the haunting, "I gave my best to you".

Provacative words and music (all by Gene Scheer) to frame the film images of thousands of deaths, the American sacrifice of hundreds of thousands.

Usurper Bush's anti-Constitutional regime -- and the 3-branch fascist despotism that is our national govt -- mocks that American sacrifice.

Jones' haunting lilt was still on the screen as I realized that similar sacrifice -- massive, nearly unimaginable -- will be the necessary core of how we get our Constitution back from the fascists who now own it. The sacrifice might not be in deaths, but it will be potentially terrible.

The fascists are most of the nation's employers. They've been players in the decades-long social engineering of this economy and its restrictions on political change. They know what they're doing. They're not kidding around. For the corrupt and criminal realities behind their busy facade of political fictions, see especially Michael Parenti's 2007 8th edition of Democracy For The Few.

Our fascist-majority public servants have proven beyond doubt that there will never be a time, in the future of anyone alive today, when we will be able to trust political party politics or partisan rep govt with sovereignty over our Constitution and laws. Having even temporarily allowed Usurper Bush's self-defined dictatorial powers means badly skewed separation of powers relationships between the three branches in the long term. As things stand now, getting back to a pre-Bush separation of powers seems to require that we find his presidential usurpation null and void from 20 December 2001 and repeal all of the laws that he has signed.

For the near term, staying with political party politics is a titanium-clad guarantee of a thoroughly destroyed middle class, along with the total overthrow of any citizen rights that limit money-power.

The fascist thugs of govt and corporate hierarchies in Mexico, Canada, and the US are still secretly working on the deep planning of the anti-Constitutional North American Union. That regional-governance abomination will contain every rights-squashing provision of the European Union "Constitution" of 2005, as written by the European fascist thugs, and as voted down by the sovereign peoples of France and Holland in required national referendums. The MEXCANUS fascist thugs will get away with it here. There are no national referendums to stop them. They make the treaty between themselves, our Criminal Senate approves it, slam-bang, right into the Constitution as fundamental law.

We the people are clueless. We've no collective sense of the urgency needed to stop the NAU. We're still trying to elect better Democrats, who will be one spit in the whole deep and wide ocean of anti-Constitutional corruption machines. Expecting significant change through political party politics is unreasonable and irresponsible. You can't give away your political responsibility to a corruption machine run by fascist thugs and expect Constitutional governance.

Instead, we should be organizing into American recovery groups, outside political party politics. Our objectives should include forcing governance power sharing, with the people's lawmaking as sovereign over the public-servant govt.

We don't need to make every decision, but when we do make a decision, we should be able to write it straight into the Constitution, (1) where specific Constitutional provisions that define and provide penalties for rep govt malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance should be hovering, (2) where electronically fraudulent elections, a'la Diebold, are gone, (3) where the DOJ is an independent agency tied to citizen recall, (4) where the nonpartisan Attorney General is independent and elected along with the President and Vice President, and all three of them are tied to citizen recall, (5) where AG, President, and Vice President become national candidates through a nonpartisan system of local-to-regional-to-national, direct-vote primaries -- and political parties are banned from all govt activities, (6) where the Vice President has been removed from any connection with the legislative branch, and (7) where the entire federal bench is dependent on a system of nonpartisan election and recall by the citizens in the court's physical jurisdiction -- national for SCOTUS.

"Judicial independence" is a farce that was intended from the beginning to protect the predator elites and their pure rep govt from the people. Based in the chimeric vagueness of the Constitution, judicial independence is the protector of expedient, non-principled rulings that favor predation of the middle class. It was a trick that American elites of the 1770s-1780s learned from the patricians of Republican Rome and their first codification of law, the Twelve Tables, c. 351 BCE. Of course, the Roman plebs answered the patricians and their over-vague constitution with a direct democracy revolution, c. 349 BCE, that lasted the 400 years until Julius Caesar's murder in 44 BCE. So the American elites cobbled together a social engineering program -- a'la Niccolò Machiavelli's 1532 The Prince -- to anticipate and disable any move that the American people might make toward direct democracy. Their social engineering has been a continual work in progress and has become increasingly sophisticated, until today it has overwhelmed almost every possibility of political change.

However, they cannot take away our raw power of revolution. And by taking away all the safety valves, they are flirting with a broad-outline repetition of the French Revolution, which killed tens of thousands of French elites. The American elites have very stupidly closed off so many avenues of escape into change that strong sentiment has built in the streets that it's too late for peaceful solutions.

We need the discipline -- self-imposed rules and methods -- to keep our solutions peaceful. We'll lose too much in a bloody revolution and not gain anything over what we can get in a peaceful revolution.

We can learn how to handle misbehaving rep govt by simply studying the past hundred years of I&R state govt misbehavior against the sovereign people's Constitutional initiative, referendum, and recall powers. I&R state govt misbehavior has cost us too much, but now they have given us a clinic on how to deal with both state and national govt fascists.

As I've written many times, the American recovery groups can institute citizen programs that can rip away the fascist collusions that have obliterated our rule of law. Once that is done, once we've put The Fear into the fascist cowards who've robbed us of our Constitution, they will be all too happy to help us pass the two stand-alone Constitutional Amendments that will create power-sharing between the sovereign people and the soon-to-be-nonpartisan representative government.

And here's the heart of the matter's tag.

To honor American sacrifice that has been, to honor American sacrifice that must be, essays posted to my blog -- which relate to regaining the rights, freedoms, and liberties packed into the Constitution -- will carry the tag, "AAIGMBTY" (America, America, I gave my best to you). Please read it to the haunting lilt of Norah Jones' voice.

Hope you'll make that tag a quiet determination of yours too.


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