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CIA Destruction of Torture Tapes--The CSW Op

On the 2005 Porter Goss watch, the CIA destroyed the torture video tapes of at least two detainees. Destruction of evidence is a felony in every jurisdiction of the nation. The perp or criminal conspiracy's co-conspirators should be indicted, criminally prosecuted in a fair trial, convicted, and imprisoned. But we the people know that the Fascist United States 3-branch despotism does not bring any of its criminals to justice. There'll be a few whipping boys -- maybe. In the meantime, we can only sit and watch the multi-branch CSW operation (coverup, stonewall, and whitewash) as it unfolds in the govt's seemingly confused, but highly practiced synchopation.


FUS Congress and FDOJ Sharks Shine Conflicted


Powerful members of the Fascist United States Congress clash with the Republinazi legal sharks of the Fascist Department for the Obstruction of Justice


The messages are clear. Govt cannot identify or control its own criminals. Clear-cut crime is not prosecuted, it is talked away. Be very afraid. Where there is no justice for govt criminals, there is no justice for wronged John Q.


In their on-going series of fictional clashes -- known to be social engineering designed to off-foot the American people and keep politicians and bureaucrats safe from lynchings -- the FUS Congress and the FDOJ are hammering each other to see who gets to run the CSW op for numbing-down the American people over the CIA's destruction of evidence.

Coverup, stonewall, and whitewash operations are the lifeblood of the Bush-led, 3-branch, anti-Constitutional despotism. CSW ops are one of a short list of things between the fascist thugs of govt and about 250 million Americans going ballistic. (The other 50 million are citizen fascists and raptured-out crazies whose beliefs-driven cognative dissonance fouls up reality beyond all recognition.)

The Fascist US 3-branch despotism does not bring any of its criminals to justice. If it did, Bush would have been arrested for usurpation of the presidency and violation of 18 USC 241 -- felony conspiracy against citizen rights (in this case, to have a president who is elected in accord with the Constitution) -- within minutes of his oath-taking on 20 January 2001. If it did, enforcement of our laws would have collapsed this fascist govt in its first year, soon after its obvious complicity in the 9-11 attacks.

If the 3-branch despotism did not protect its criminals, we would have criminally prosecuted Bush and a too-large number of his Regime for two conspiracies to commit mass felony murders. First, there was the felony conspiracy to violate 18 USC 241 and soldiers' rights with Bush's anti-Constitutional, executive-branch declaration of war in Iraq. Every soldier's death in Iraq is felony murder under 18 USC 241. Second, there were continual violations of 18 USC 2441 and prisoner of war rights with torture-murder, approved by Bush. Every death resulting from torture is felony murder under 18 USC 2441.

Writing for Haprer's Magazine, in the article, "The President’s Coming-Out Party", Scott Horton observes --

"This has been an important week in the torture debate in America. It has been the week of the President’s coming-out party. Up until this point, torture has been something that “a few rotten apples” do. When evidence of it erupted in the media, a few grunts were quickly rounded up and scapegoated. Never officers, mind you—after all, they generally knew where the orders came from, and if you prosecuted them, they might just tell.

"But this week [beginning Monday 10 December], a CIA agent, John Kiriakou, appeared, first on ABC News and then in an interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer, and explained just how the system works. When we want to torture someone (and it is torture he said, no one involved with these techniques would ever think anything different), we have to write it up. The team leader of the torture team proposes what torture techniques will be used and when. He sends it to the Deputy Chief of Operations at the CIA. And there it is reviewed by the hierarchy of the Company. Then the proposal is passed to the Justice Department to be reviewed, blessed, and it is passed to the National Security Council in the White House, to be reviewed and approved. The NSC is chaired, of course, by George W. Bush, whose personal authority is invoked for each and every instance of torture authorized. And, according to Kiriakou as well as others, Bush’s answer is never 'no.' "

Nobody will burn for the destruction of video tape evidence in the Bush torture-murder system. If such a thing were allowed, the federal bench would be brought too close to Bushco's felony murders in violation of 18 USC 2441. Usurper Bush and the criminal 3-branch despotism's institutional tactics by God guarantee immunity for the destruction of the torture tapes.

Open with a procedural wrangling op before going on to other syncopated criss-crosses.

"We're gonna by God look into this," says the FUS Congress.

"No-no", says the FDOJ's Bush-bowser AG Muck. "If you legislative branch jerks look into it, then the liberal jerks will use politics to distort the one true picture. We here at the FDOJ will do all the looking."

"No-no", says the FUS Congress, "If you do the looking, then the executive branch will judge itself and find itself innocent. We'll do as much oversight looking as we want."

The FUS Congress and the FDOJ should have worked together to bring the perp(s) to justice immediately after the tapes were destroyed in 2005, on Bush-bowser Porter Goss' watch. They should not be setting up a rear-guard wrangling op in late 2007.

Unrealistic, you say? The CIA is in the business of keeping secrets, you say? If the CIA or any other agency can keep a serious felony secret for years, then Congressional oversight and pure rep govt itself has failed massively. No exceptions. No excuses. Perps and accessories-after-the-fact need to go to prison.

The American people do not need another Congressional morality play about procedural wrangling, or about why not to prosecute. And we do not need another sizzle package from the Fascist Department for the Obstruction of Justice telling us what a great job they've done to arrive at no criminal prosecutions.

Felony destruction of evidence is felony destruction of evidence. In a rule of law, somebody would already have been badly burned.

Sure, we've not been a rule of law since the anti-Constitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, and its minute-by-minute compounding of anti-law regime felonies ever since. But that's beside the point. The point is that we're still SUPPOSED TO BE a rule of law.

Sure, the rule of law is one of those busy fictions of the public facade, behind which the private and evil, political and economic realities of this pure rep govt churn through its corruption machines as they have for over two centuries. But that's beside the point, too. The point is that we're still SUPPOSED TO BE a rule of law.

No matter the realities, if the American people can't act on what their govt is SUPPOSED TO BE, then what the hell good are they?

Oh, right. The American people are powerless to act on anything. Some sovereign people. Do-nothing Americans UNITE. Go fall all over yourselves to give away your political responsibilities to some lying Democrat or criminal Republinazi. That'll fix everything.


"CIA says taped interrogations were held
in secret prisons
-- Destruction of tapes
doesn't violate court order because they
weren't at Guantanamo, papers say"

By Dan Eggen

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"The Bush administration has told a federal judge that its 2005 destruction of CIA interrogation videotapes did not violate a court order because the captives in question were being kept in secret prisons at the time, not at the military detention facility at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

"In court papers, the government also asked U.S. District Judge Henry Kennedy Jr. not to seek more information about the tapes, to avoid interfering with an inquiry by the Justice Department and the CIA's inspector general."


Sure, the CIA's secret prisons and torture-murder system violate the Geneva Conventions and the Constitution. And sure, death resulting from torture -- there've been many -- are felony murders under 18 USC 2441, war crimes. But corporate media safely assumes that Americans are so numbed-down by the catalog of more recent govt crimes that hardly anyone remembers the Geneva Conventions or their place in the Constitution. And most Americans have probably never heard of 18 USC 2441.

A strong case can be made that the entire chain of command in torture decisions -- as specified by CIA agent John Kiriakou and others -- is guilty of conspiracy to commit felony murder. And that includes the President of the United States, George W. Bush. On conviction, any or all of them could be sentenced to death. But, of course, that possibility is used by Bush and his minions as a club against any opponent -- to prevent criminal prosecution.

Make a note. Bush is not alone. He has low friends in higher places than his.

Synchopated superrich criss-crosses running hot, zig-zaggy, and criminal. The torpedo spread will blow evidence-destruction and torture-murder accountability right out the window. There are trillions to be made in dumping the Dollar and conjuring the Amero of the North American Union. No amount of Bush, Republinazi, or Demofascist stupidity can deflect central bankers, corporate hierarchies, and the politicians themselves from that greed.

Got Swiss-like direct democracy and sovereign citizen lawmaking? Think anything less will save our nation?


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