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Protect America Act--Cheetah for Tyranny

A Nazi Germany Messerschmitt BF-109E-4/Trop from the I/JG 27 over Libya, 1941Congress' criminal majority has once again raped the Constitution, this time with the "Protect America Act". Personal privacy rights of US citizens -- massively violated by presidential usurper Bush's warrantless wiretaps since soon after the 9/11 attacks -- are just one facet of the Constitutional rape by Congressional thugs in the PAA. Under Reagan and Clinton, institutional tyranny quaintly crept along toward the superrich's objectives for global govt control. Under the Bush Usurpation, with its 3-branch fascist despotism, "tyranny runs like a cheetah".


In a December 2005 essay for FindLaw's Writ, "Warrantless Wiretapping: Why It Seriously Imperils The Separation Of Powers", Edward Lazarus -- a former federal prosecutor and current law professor in Los Angeles -- wrote that warrantless wiretapping is a major threat to the Constitution's separation of powers. It is, Lazarus said, a sapping of legislative and judicial power into the executive.

1989 -- Congress decided to have the executive branch name a few members of the federal bench to the "US Sentencing Commission". Critics immediately jumped at Congress' decision based on separation of powers issues.

They were still angrily jumping after the bizzaro SCOTUS ruling in Mistretta v. US (488 US 361 -- 1989). The ruling approved Congress' anti-Constitutional move to meld judicial power into the executive's Sentencing Commission.

Lazarus writes -- "... the Constitution's separation of powers was the nation's primary defense against tyranny. And tyranny, [Yale law professor Stephen] Carter concluded in an oft quoted line, does not overwhelm a nation in an instant. No, he wrote, 'tyranny creeps".

Lazarus continues -- "Lately, though, tyranny runs like a cheetah."

Lazarus emphasizes Bush's efforts to push Congress and the Courts out the door, grabbing away their powers wholesale for himself. Lazarus spotlights Bush's bogus claims of "commander-in-chief" powers, his bogus claims that Gitmo detainees do not have the right of habeus corpus, and his bogus claims that he has the power to decide what citizen communications are to be intercepted in the name of national security.

Through all these scary 2005 parallels with 2006-2007 events, Lazarus rips at Bush's repeated attempts to neuter legislative and judicial oversight. Taking away Constitutional oversight -- cementing a permanent tyranny of executive power across the Constitutional separation-of-powers boundaries -- is how he and we will get to his absolute despotism.

The single largest anti-Constitutional contribution to the Regime by the PAA of 2007 is its effective cancellation of legislative and judicial oversight on warrantless wiretapping. Legislative and judicial power in the executive branch instantly grew by several orders of magnitude. The Constitution's separation-of-powers principle had its arms ripped off.

Thank you, Congress, for showing us this superior mode of despotic governance. Thank you, Democrats, for confirming that you are a pack of power-mongering fascists every bit the equal of our Republinazis.

You, John Q, better do a loose roundup in your mind of the despotic powers that the fascist mutt has already stockpiled -- unconstitutional and felonious executive orders, unconstitutional and felonious Congressional and federal bench contributions, and repeated violations of our Constitution and laws.

If you still think that this is just some big misunderstanding, if you still think that electing better representatives in the Democratic party will save us all, if you still think that the status quo is not massively failed, if you're still politically withdrawn, then you'd better change your evil ways.

Organize in citizen action groups outside the political party corruption machines. Adopt hard-biting citizen action programs -- corporation-killing boycotts, reduction of state legislatures to nonpartisan unicamerals on the successful 1934 Nebraska model, nationally organized jury nullification to block fascist thugs masquerading as judges who make up the law as they go along, and more.

Citizen action to hurt the anti-Constitutional elites, to force Constitutional governance onto them, is just the beginning.

We've a long way to go to making the Bush Usurpation null and void from 20 January 2000. We've a long way to go to ripping the 3-branch despotism's anti-law regimes out of our legal fabric. We've a long way to go to installing the well-crafted Constitutional amendments that will give the people the power to check and balance government and the power to prevent anything like the Bush Usurpation in the future.

Tyranny is running like a cheetah, headlong into absolute despotism. Nobody can stop it -- except you and a lot of your friends. If you're waiting for leaders, you're burning daylight.


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