Thursday, October 05, 2006

6th Appellate Fascist Thugs

Overworld Empire Prince of the Blood Georgie Bush-Nazi delivers key-note speech -- 'Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Georgie' -- at the Nuremberg Republifascist Party Rally, 2006.
CINCINNATI, Wednesday, October 4, 2006 -- Three Fascist Thugs of the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down Judge Anna Diggs Taylor's ruling of unconstitutionality against warrantless wiretapping. To courtroom cheers from the DOJ table, the Thugs observed that their order was at the personal request of Overworld Empire Pettifogger-General Alberto Nogeneva Gonzalez. The glorious "All-Torture/Murder" Pettifogger-General could not be reached for comment.

Overworld Empire Prince of the Blood and Presidential Usurper Georgie Bush-Nazi announced to a very select group of goosestepping media that "Being Dictator is good".

The 6th Appellate Fascist Thugs ordered that the free-speech and privacy-rights violating wiretapping continue until they have time to review Judge Taylor's ruling -- "some time AFTER the November Diebold Election Hacks". (More cheers from the DOJ table.)

In the meantime, the three Fascist Thugs ordered the NSA goosesteppers to go right on with their massive felonies against American citizens. Said the head Fascist Thug, "This order of ours was a slam-dunk after balancing our glorious Nazi Wetdreams against the zero harm being done to the contemptible rabble, who are too weak to deserve rights. Federal statute 18 USC 241, felonly conspiracy against rights, is not applicable because the wiretapped rabble are neither rich enough nor politically strong enough to deserve that protection for the rights that they don't deserve anyway."

The 6th Appellate Nazis are Batchelder, Gilman, and Gibbons. Make a note of their names so that none of them win in the nonpartisan elections coming after our judicial reform Constitutional amendment fires all federal judges. These three 6th Appellate rat-bastard Nazis should never again hold an office of trust in any US government.

(See "Eavesdropping Will Continue During Appeal", by David Ashenfelter, Detroit Free Press, 05 Oct 2006.)

(See especially, Only Temporary?, by Jayne Lyn Stahl, OpEd News, 05 Oct 2006.)

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