Friday, May 19, 2006

Throw The Rascals Out

Diebold Variations -- copyright 2004 by Rand Careaga/salamander.eps.  Used with permission.

© by Stephen Neitzke, 2006

I'm disaffiliated from political party politics and am an advocate of direct democracy's fully independent, citizen lawmaking (initiative, referendum, and recall). I want to see it mixed with our national representative government to create the true little-r, republican governance pioneered by the ancient Roman Republic, the Swiss Confederation, our New England colonies, and, beginning in the Reform Era a hundred years ago, 24 modern American states. We need civil society to have the corruption-fighting powers of fully independent citizen lawmaking because pure rep govt has completely failed us.

We need, I think, to get into a protected "2nd NCC" (national constitutional convention) asap -- and I've got pointed suggestions for how we get there. The 2nd NCC is the only way for us to get the Constitutional renewal that we need. We obviously need the power to minimize corruption, instead of allowing the Constitution's one-eyed political dynamic of pure rep govt -- with the people locked out -- to shroud us in continually maximized corruption.

We need the power to prevent future, dual-party, three branch, treasonous tyrannies such as the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy, which is not a lawful presidency, but rather an unconstitutional anti-law regime. That status dates from the unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous Supreme Court decision in Bush v. Gore. As defined in 18 USC 241, every co-conspirator in that felony conspiracy against citizen rights, to have a president elected in accord with the Constitution, can be fined and imprisoned for up to ten years. Felony forfeits judicial immunity, legislative immunity, and executive immunity. Public office-holding and life appointments to the federal bench are not factors. Do the crime, do the time.

The Bush v. Gore felony conspiracy against rights includes at least the five assenting judges, perhaps the entire Supreme Court; Clinton and his AG; and Bush-Cheney and their AG (Ashcroft). They are all treasonous constitutional criminals and felons-in-waiting. Their only proper place is in federal prison.

Everything done by the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy under color of law since 10 December 2000 is unconstitutional, felonious, and treasonous. Untangling this illegal snarl will be monstrous. It will take, I think, a decade or longer of semi-concentrated effort. Just handling the felony conspiracy of out-sourcing will be horrendous.

Before I can devote full time to a 2nd NCC, I have to go be a anti-fascist. Before the important preventative work outside the box of the failed status quo can be given the time it needs (see the previous post, "Bush-Cheney Trainwreck -- Undo"), some of us have to concentrate on legal-realm efforts inside the box of this failed status quo. Somehow, we must throw out the Republican party, its political cretins, and its home-grown American fascists -- before they finalize our national destruction. We have to focus this effort so that it is not the constant flogging of the dead horse.

Dancing faster and faster with ever-new angles on Bush-Cheney's bad politics doesn't get the job done. It's just playing into rightwing partisan hands, where it's quickly branded radical leftwing partisanship. Bush-Cheney is not politics-as-usual. From the beginnning, it has been high crimes and treason in the legal realm, not simply bad politics in the political realm. Dancing faster and faster with the politics is pretty much a waste of our time. We can slow-dance the politics. It's time for us to be American moderate citizens again. It's time for us to focus our efforts on righting wrongs legally -- in our sovereign majority.

I'm firmly convinced that the majority of US citizens are moderates who are offended by the Bush-Cheney crimes and bad politics. Regardless of whether you agree with my direct democracy politics, a majority of you are sure to agree that we need to rid ourselves of Bush-Cheney and the Republfascist horses they rode in on.

For the five-plus years of the Bush-Cheney Illegitimacy, the Republican party -- with its bought-out co-fascist wing of Democrats -- has proven beyond doubt that their credo is money-power first, ordinary people last.

The Republican party has used all of its power to bring back laissez faire and Reaganesque voo-doo economics to butcher ordinary people for profits and power. They are well on their way to destroying our middle class for the sake of the superrich's obscenely excessive social, economic, and political power. Their greed has expanded the predators' global American Empire with an unconstitutionally-waged war of aggression in Iraq, where their crimes against humanity are Nazi-like -- where their war crimes include the torture and murder of POWs. Additionally, they have crippled so many of our Constitutional safe-guards and liberties with inter-branch collusions and police-state tactics as to have us teetering on the brink of enslavement.

The Republican party has bankrupted our nation financially, legally, and morally. They deserve to be diselected to the degree that they cease to exist as a political party.

Unfortunately for we the sovereign people, the Republican party has privatized our electoral system into the hands of Diebold, ES&S, and Sequoia. The predator politicians used the Machiavellian deceits of the HAVA (Help America Vote Act) to fool us. The corporate predators at Diebold, ES&S and Sequoia have fielded hack-o-matic vote-counting software that their goosesteppers can hack into by picking up a phone anywhere and dialing the magic number. The hack-o-matics have been installed even in non-touch-screen systems and include the back-room counting of absentee ballots. The hack-o-matics utterly negate our electoral system.

Diebold Variations -- copyright 2004 by Rand Careaga/salamander.eps.  Used with permission.
The Hack-O-Matic I versions counted about 80 percent of our votes in Election 2004. Their newer, "nuclear bomb of vote-counting systems", the Hack-O-Matic II versions, will count an even higher percentage of Election 2006, unless we the sovereign people force changes.

The "nuclear bomb" quote is from Dr. Avi Rubin at Johns Hopkins. His "Information Security Institute" is one of the world's leading computer security organizations. He and his crew evaluated the first-leaked propriety code from Diebold and published their evaluation, February 2004. One of the early, good stories about his evaluation of Diebold's new "nuclear bomb" is --

Getting shuck of the hack-o-matics will take sophisticated brute-force, blunt-force-trama politics, which will have to be applied at the county level. Even then, it is not a sure thing. The political cretins and homegrown fascists have the power to say no to us. Well -- until things get down and dirty in all sorts of wild-eyed lawsuits and promises of mass diselection at the county and state levels.

Trick is, all that has to happen before Election 2006. Six short, tiny months away.

Right alongside plowing the hack-o-matics into the ground, we have to bring out the politically withdrawn, unregistered voters. We're talking massive local and county voter registration drives to capture the 100-million-plus unregistered voters for our side. More nonvoters nationwide, you know, than voters. We need as many of them as we can get. If you had started on this yesterday, it would have been almost too late.

Here's voter registration drive Priority One. It is the 15 states in which Republifascists are up for reelection to the US Senate.

Montana -- Conrad Burns (the super-slime who jammed in the undebated "rider" that allows his big-money buddies to slaughter wild horses for sale as very expensive delicacy meat sold to foreign restaurants). Wyoming -- Craig Thomas. Utah -- real old slime Orrin Hatch. Nevada -- John Ensign. Arizona -- Jon Kyl. Texas -- Kay Hutchison. Missouri -- James Talent. Indiana -- Richard Luger. Ohio -- Mike DeWine. Mississippi -- super-slime Trent Lott. Tennessee -- super slime Bill Frist. Virginia -- George Allen. Pennsylvania -- Rick Santorum. Rhode Island -- Lincoln Chaffe. Maine -- Olympia Snowe.

Those 15 villains, or their villainous replacements, must be the focus of a 15-state-wide citizen action effort to dump their treasonous butts on the bricks.

We need political operatives, probably from the Democratic party, who know the turf and the campaign computer software that breaks everything down to the proverbial knat's ass. We need high-energy voter registration drives -- wall-to-wall from here to November. We need clearinghouse web sites to keep things organized on the state and local levels, as well as to discuss and find workable solutions to on-the-fly problems. We need excellent campaign strategies, executed on at least the very good level.

Obviously we need genuine candidates
to elect in the villains' places. Does anyone remember what a genuine candidate is? Why do I suddenly feel ancient?

This generation of genuine candidates needs to be carefully vetted. We need to make this a tough-love election year. Candidates should not get our support unless they physically sign a tough-love pledge. They should acknowledge in writing that, in return for our support to elect them, they will be an active part of the impeachment and removal Congress, to rid us of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzales, Rice, Chertoff, at least six of the Supreme Court judges, NSA heirarchies about 5-deep, and as many of the other criminal minions as we can catch. They should acknowledge that they will actively support a new and very tough "Special Prosecutor" law, so that the many 18 USC 241 felony conspiracies against citizen rights can be criminally prosecuted in federal courts, despite the obstruction of justice by the Bush-Cheny DOJ. They should further acknowledge that, if they fail us in this objective, they understand that we will work hard to diselect them the next time around.

Forward, tough-love pledges.

Until Election 2006 gives us an impeachment and removal Congress, I'll be heard frequently singing the little ditty that I penned just after Election 2004.

God rest ye merry predators,
Let nothing you dismay.
Remember Bush is goosestepping
Across the USA,
To kill the rights of all mankind,
And get you extra pay.
Oh, Republicrats for havoc and coin,
Havoc and coin,
Oh, Republicrats for havoc and coin.


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